18 November 2008

Drowning in idiocy

With each passing day, seemingly another brand new piece of bad economic news falls our way. Either one company or another is at the verge of collapse, or the credit markets have evaporated into vapor, or the fate of homeownership as we know it in this country is in mortal peril! Yada, yada, yada it goes, out to the overfed obese diabetic morons in the heartland who couldn't tell apart a derivative from a dividend.

All these imbeciles know is that the sky is falling (because our Leadership says it's so!), and so it is declared that we desperately need a strong Leader who will act fast and decisively, with all the powers of the State granted to him (what happened to liberty?), to preserve prosperity and prevent the dickheadery and the trailer park class from having to actually, you know, produce something for a living.

These mental midgets have no ability whatsoever to engage in deep thought. If they actually used their gray matter for a moment, or at least attempted with some feeble effort to research the origins of the current cataclysm, the clarity of the situation would be greatly apparent: State makes crisis, State reacts to crisis by grasping for and obtaining more power, State sows seeds of newer, bigger crisis down the road while worsening the present crisis.

But even now, with this shell game long exposed by pages like this and other heroic efforts in print and other media, the sheeple clamor desperately for government protection.

This article may be of use in understanding the apparent contradiction therein, rooted in the abdication of sanity and critical thought which is the hallmark of our culture to-day.

The ignorance of to-day's Amerikana is startling.

It is said that the civic knowledge, or lack thereof, of the average Amerikan is shocking. I will tell you that it is not because people are necessarily afraid to use their minds and educate themselves on specific issues (though this is a large part of it).

They will gladly engage in feats of astounding mental agility if it suits them - memorizing the names of celebrities' babies, comprehending the convoluted plots of television soap operas, navigating the Kafkaesque labyrinthe of the welfare system and exploiting it for their benefit to obtain a greater share of their "entitlements" which they are "owed" by the rest of us.

Their insipid lives are focused on pleasure, self-gratification, and physical engorgement. The trailer park set lives for the lowest common denominator - a minimum of effort, producing a bare minimum of lifestyle, supplemented by the usual "disability" payments and other State-sponsored producer extortions.

And always in their lives there is chaos. The inner lives of the minds of the moron class is a rapid and vapid cacaphony of dueling and jumbled emotions both intense and shallow at the same time - emotions without rhyme or reason, appearing like fleeting vapors in the air and vanishing all at once, emotions derived of the sensations of the moment produced by the glands and the chemicals of the mind and bodily organs (including reproductive), products entirely of the momentary situation, a frightening and uncontrolled jumble of mysterious physical and mental processes which poses incomprehensible to the average public secondary school degree holder. This inability to take charge of their own lives and impose discipline on the wild forces of nature renders the existence of the trailer park denizen forever chaotic and terrifying.

Bouncing from crisis to crisis, their days are filled with the stuff of high drama that fills the plots of the average bargain basement soap opera to overflowing. (The producers of Dynasty would be proud.) Unlike the Carringtons, however, the end results of this crisis filled existence are hardly satisfactory. Days and nights are filled with incidents of sudden, completely random acts of appalling violence, arguments which rise out of nowhere and generally lead to physical blows, irresponsibility on a grand scale, etc. Between the swells of narcissistic rage lie the long, barren fallows of inebriated, stupefied apathy, generally spent in front of a television set and almost always accompanied by some sort of alcoholic beverage or high calorie, high sugar junk food.

They neither comprehend nor possess the ability to comprehend the society around them. The thrust of their life philosophy, such as it is, is to pick up the dominant moral ethos by mental osmosis (since critical thought has been shown to be beyond them) and carry it to its negative extreme, its logical bottom. The dominant ethos of our era is nihilism. Therefore the underclass (as we refer to them in PC-speak) represent and reflect the hollow and depraved nadir of that creed.

So Amerikan society collapses not with a bang, but with the wheezing of a morbidly obese, near mentally comatose dolt who has abdicated control of his life to those who are willing to do the thinking for him.

Enter the psychopaths, who swindle their way to the top with impossible promises of turning stones into bread - obvious cons, but which are readily believed by those for whom God means less to their lives than Mickey Mouse. They keep and hold power by similar sleight of hand and illusion - by the performance of economic magic tricks to feed the masses who refuse to work for their supper (which always blow up in society's collective face down the road), and to entertain a culture for which entertainment is the primary purpose of people's lives.

Enter the psychopaths - exit liberty. An ignorant citizenry begs to be enslaved. An educated people cherishes and preserves its freedom. 

With the dwindling of the last light of competency in this nation, liberty is extinguished.

The morons' brains will then be used for the purpose for which they are best suited:


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