19 November 2008

The truth about Asperger's

I will be harsher and blunter here than usual this evening, because I am fuming and hopping mad over this issue.

The idolaters of the State are preparing society for the next victim group - people with "Asperger's syndrome", self-referred to as "aspies."

However, the dark truth is that "aspies" are simply a different, more insidious species of narcissist - essentially the narcissist stripped of his Type A personality and pared down to the sniveling, whimpering loser core.

From all appearances from a disinterested outside observer, "aspies" seem very much to be a group of loser disaffected failures who rant and rail about the "unfairness" of a world which doesn't accord them the respect and "special attention" which they 'deserve' due to their "special condition." In other words, instead of playing the game like everyone else, they decide to go into a corner and pout and cry because they are incompetent at basic social skills which most normal people pick up as toddlers.

And why do these worthless pieces of human refuse lack said skills? All signs point to a fatal and fundamental narcissism of character which demands that the "asspie" be granted something for nothing, that the asspie need not acquire social skills, competence, education, or much of anything else because they are owed a living and a comfortable existence by the rest of society. It is much the same philosophy that moves the welfare loafer, the lazy bum, the homeless man looking for a handout.

There. I have exploded the real reason for these insipid morons' existence. Read it and weep.

The asspie never really moves beyond infancy in a mental sense. The regulation and control of emotions which humans learn as a basic skill of socialization is either never imparted to them or, more often, a lesson which is willfully ignored by these dark souls. Therefore they are emotional and mental juveniles, never really entering adulthood in a meaningful sense as they age. Their entire lives are focused around the immediate gratification and fullfilment of their needs - central to which is the desire to be immediately loved and adored despite having nothing of substantive character and moral quality to show for it. Lack of this ego stroking leads to depression and bouts of narcissistic rage, which are of course the time honored means by which extremely immature people demonstrate their displeasure at not getting their way all the time.

It is claimed that the asspie desperately seeks friends and eventually a lover, but has no real knowledge of how to go about doing this. While this may be true, it is the end product of a life spent alienating people due to immature, ignorant, and ultimately bizarre behavior. In reality, most asspies seek out outside interaction because they require a constant source of narcissistic 'supply' by which to tell their sob stories and elicit pity. This self-evidently exploitative relationship is by its very nature short-lived, once the 'target' becomes wise to the game and thus ceases to function as a reliable source of supply. In this manner, relationships with asspies are almost always tenuous, shallow, brief, and fleeting.

The asspie is incapable of forming friendships in the traditional sense; the life of an asspie is so self directed and focused that he entirely lacks the capacity to consider other people in any manner. In standard narcissist fashion, the asspie's self-centeredness is so great that he completely lacks the ability to consider other people's feelings and rights, or to emphasize with another party or anyone else outside himself. The asspie may be able to emphasize to the extent that the other person's travails parallel his own "struggles." However, that is the rough limit of asspie normality.

Because the asspie is unable to feel and act like a normal person, suffice it to say that the asspie, in a very real sense, is not fully human. Like psychopaths, thugs, narcissists, and other pathological personalities, the asspie may best be considered a form of subhuman scum, the existence of which is inimical to positive human pursuits and actions.

However, unlike the aforementioned pathologies, in the end the asspie is his own worst enemy. Left to his own devices, the asspie is, like all narcissists, a fundamentally self-destructive individual, for which the greatest harm is ultimately inflicted upon himself due to the pathologies of his actions and his complete inability to function normally in society. Those unfortuates who encounter the asspie in his daily life are mildly harmed, but not to any extensive degree. In the end the asspie's wildest dreams are realized - life as a destitute, or homeless, or imprisoned.

For the ultimate conceit of the asspie is that he knows, after all, that he is worthless human refuse, without an ounce of completed productive effort to his name. Asspies, unlike other narcissistic personalities, seem to possess some form of human conscience, and realize that justice demands that their utter worthlessness be exposed in some dramatic and unpleasant fashion in order to appease the dictates of morality. So like the other pathological personalities, his life course is a race to the bottom which ultimately ends in destitution, disappointment to self and family members, and productiveless failure.

So the next time you hear someone calling for "aspie pride", chuckle to yourself and remember what an "aspie" is. It is like hearing a call for "narcissistic pride", "child molester pride", or some such.

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