20 November 2008

The Asperger's scam

More on this subject must be said.

Why the sudden explosion in diagnoses of Asperger's syndrome and other forms of "higher functioning" autism? As we have demonstrated, Asperger's is not a mental disorder per se (myself and the asspies are in agreement on this point, ironically). Rather, Asperger's is a label which psychologists have conjured up out of thin air and applied by consensus to describe a personality type which substantially demonstrates traits of social withdrawl, social awkwardness, inability to relate to others, and extreme self-focus. These are not "psycho" behaviors by any means; instead these are clear manifestations of a poor moral character. Therefore, Asperger's syndrome is a fiction and a scam, its existence perpetuated by the medical establishment and their pharmaceutical corporate clients to line their pockets and further the careers of a few highly placed "advocates" for the disorder.

The above mentioned traits are the hallmarks of certain forms of narcissism. People holding these traits are not called pure narcissists, however, because in the minds of the psychology profession and the common man, narcissism is considered a malignant personality type associated with extroversion and not linked to inhibition of social interaction.

Narcissism, too, is not a mental disorder, but a personality type - a personality which lacks a moral conscience. Narcissists are universally loathed by society, for good reason - they destroy and prevent human happiness and pose a heavy fiscal and social burden on Western civilization. The culture of a purely narcissistic world is the underclass ghetto - dysfunctional, depraved, certain violent death, every man for himself.

Asperger's youth are troubled, in the sense that they are not psychologically normal. But like the budding narcissist, there is nothing wrong therein that cannot be corrected by a good moral education and grounding in human principles. Asperger's is not the problem, since it is not real; it is the moral constitution of the individual in question which must be changed so that he may take his place in human society. Namely, his character must undergo a transformation from that of an incompetent moral moocher to that of a competent producer.

Above all, the fundamental conceit of the welfare collectivist mentality must be demolished; it must be imparted to the asspie that what is mine is not yours - this applies not just to physical possessions, but to the right to my time, my peace of mind, my right to interact with whomever I wish, my right to not be exploited as a vessel of narcissistic supply.

For all pathological behavior is rooted in the primitivist impulse to obtain something for nothing, whether it be tangible or intangible: wealth, status, power, the respect of peers, love, happiness. We all desire these things in some form or quantity to be psychologically fulfilled and lead a contented life. Some folks, however, believe that there is a shortcut to obtaining fulfilment. They have made a deal with the Devil. There is no shortcut to happiness outside the road of hard work, effort, using talents to the fullest, creating something of value, and treating others with respect and dignity. The "shortcut" route only leads to despair, failure, destitition, and often early death.

Why, you ask, is shyness and social awkwardness so evil? Why can we not merely allow the asspie to have his way? After all, they harm no one but themselves, right?

Maybe. However, the goal of any moral philosophy should be the promotion of human happiness. Elimination of all forms of collectivism, including the State, is a key part of this effort. Coercion and force of any sort should be eliminated from society so that human beings, working as individuals and in voluntary association, may be permitted to flourish and employ their faculties to their fullest, so that the greatest amount of human wants and desires may be served through the means of the market process.

But the asspie's life philosophy is inimical to this purpose. He has bought hook, line, and sinker the collectivist line that man is his brother's keeper. Of course, in asspie terms, this is perverted into the maxim that other men should provide him a living, since he feels no need to do this for himself.

His lack of social skills is deliberate and often easily rectifiable. His alleged "inabililty" to read other people's non-verbal communication is an easily correctable, deliberate failure of the asspie to learn the nuances and ways by which people communicate. The asspie, truth be told, does not desire to learn these things and become part of human society. He is afraid.

He is afraid of failure, of expending effort. He is above all profoudly lazy in the most complete sense. He says "Let George do it" time after time. He skates by in life, performing the basic minimum absolutely necessary to survive without too much discomfort.

Lack of friends and lovers, and the emnity of family members who see through the charade, are but small prices to pay for this monumental self indulgence. It takes too much effort to invest time and effort in making friends, you see. Also, it might hurt the asspie's poor wittle feelings if things don't work out as anticipated, which is usually every time.

Sometimes the loneliness hurts, but the desire to loaf retains paramount importance always, and so the asspie walks alone in life, scorned by outsiders to a man. (Better for everyone, really.) He becomes intensely focused on some puerile and ultimately quite trivial special interest, in order to fill the time which otherwise would be largely spent doing absolutely nothing. It becomes a substitute for productive effort, a crutch that can sometimes be used in certain situations, such as when the question is posed, "What do you enjoy the most in life?" (The real answer: slacking off.)

He knows deep down that this course cannot last without ending in extremely negative consequences. He knows his soul is rotten, and damns it to hell, all while secretly believing that he is "special" and deserving of all the consideration in the world.

What makes you so special? What final product in life do you have to show for your feeble and miserable efforts to merely exist?

The answer: nothing. Nada. Ziltch. You have accomplished nothing in all your pathetic, crybaby years. You, asspie, are the moral equivalent of a welfare bum and that is what you always have been. Change or die.

Act like a man, put forth some effort to make your life a pleasant one, and you will obtain the respect and happiness you desire. But until then, fuck off.

I welcome constructive criticism and comments.

(However, I predict few will deign to challenge me in any substantial manner. The asspies are going to be pissing all over themselves now in mortal terror, and running back into their dark holes to suck their thumbs and cry like the babies they are, now that someone has finally exposed the rotten truth behind their racket for all to see.)


Lee said...

I'm 48 years old and never had a job, and as such have lived in poverty and social isolation all my life - and I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome last year. I assure you I am not narcissistic, lazy or operating a scam...for thirty years all I have been trying to do is to fit into society, to find my place; to contribute to, and participate in the world to the best of my ability.

I've done twelve years voluntary work and been forced to participate in several workfare programmes, but haven't been able to find work. Do you know why this is? It's nothing lacking on my part; it's people with attitudes such as yourself who will not open your minds and therefore continue to let your prejudices pollute the blogosphere and beyond, and hold back people such as myself...denying us our basic human rights and inheritance.

Are you aware that people with a diagnosis of Asperger's face an unemployment rate of 95%? - far higher than for any other disabled group. If it's all a scam, why do teenagers go out of their way to be abusive to me? Why do I beg for help in finding a job up to the point of making myself ill?

I assume you've never taken the opportunity to speak to someone with Asperger's syndrome and find out what life is really like for us; knowing that we have so much to offer; specialist knowledge and skills which could make our communities so much better places, but because of people's prejudices and fears we are shunned, bullied, ridiculed and are just left to rot for decade after decade.

Anonymous said...

Lee - You're proving his point. Everything you said is about blaming someone else and wining about people holding you back and denying you your inheritance. Boy, talk about having an attitude of entitlement!

Lee said...

I've only just realised I never got back to reply to the comment. Wanting to work and contribute to society is a bad thing? Please tell me what you expect me to do; not to blame anyone and sit back and suck at the tit of the welfare state, [which I absolutely hate]...or to try and get my message across and hope that someone might read it one day and possibly employ me.

It's been five years since my original response and since writing it I have discovered that Social Services in my town, who are supposed to take care of me, have been sabotaging my efforts to find work by phoning up potential employers and telling them that under no circumstances should they employ me.

I've been bullied into accepting a benefits regime where it will be extremely difficult for me to ever work because I'm required to have workplace support provided all the time I'm there.

Anyone care to comment?

Mad Shangi said...

There's nothing more to be said. You just proved the point the blog was making. You start out by blaming everyone else but yourself for your lack of employment. Sorry, but it's not our fault. It's your fault. 48 years old and never had a job. Ever? That's not Asperger's, that's your own goddamn fault! You actually think that at your age some employer is going to stumble upon your whiny comment on some blog and think "Oh yeah! I'll hire THAT guy!" Bullshit! And once again, you're almost fifty and you have this mindset? What the fuck is wrong with you?

star toad XD potato-girl9 said...

You never know the truth behind Aspergers unless you have it yourself

The suicidal rates are high
And these people are "weird in society's eyes" it's hard to make friends and they have a lot of anxiety

I have Aspergers myself