04 November 2008

Erection day

Welcome to election day. Please check your conscience by the door and prepare to vote for one of these two candidates:

-Juan "War Criminal" McCain: fascist, murderer of "gooks", corporate welfare doler-outer, unfaithful husband, warmongerer

-Barack "B. O." Hussein Obama: collectivist, communist, poverty pimp, panderer to the welfare elite, the parasite's best friend, enemy of capitalism, friend of nationalization

Election predictions, as based from 2004 results:

-One Deep South state (probably AR or MS) will probably turn blue (high Black voter turnout).
-FL is too close to call. The election possibly hinges on its disposition. Then again, maybe not.
-OH flips to blue, as does VA (lots of federal bureaucrats there), NV (union vote), MO (union vote again), NM, IA, WV, and CO.
-All 2004 blue states will remain blue.
-IN and NC (barely) remain red, despite what the media wants us to think.
-Nature boy delivers a convincing victory for the blue team.

Whomever is elected, the next four years are going to make the Bush administration look like a model of constitutional restraint. Read it and weep.

Let the deluge begin.

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