03 November 2008

We dare defend our rights

This is it. To-morrow it will be "decided", in the greatest farce of fools to be perpetuated among men, upon whom to the baton of power will be passed between the once and future dictator on 20 January 2009.

Both candidates promise sure blood reign. The future of our country portends to be extremely negative no matter who claws victory out of this madness.

Lost in the rush of political mayhem is the common man, as always. In an age where dickheads, plutocrats, welfare queens, and outright morons get first place at the trough of your hard earned tax dollars, the common man is again the forgotten man.

Oh sure, the candidates promise tax breaks and change. But do you honestly believe any of it?

The candidates for our consideration to-day may be the most nihilistic, brazen, crazen, outwardly power-mad and power hungry madmen ever presented to us upon which to make a counterfeit "decision".

You know the two party system is merely a superficial schism of the power elite. Upon all issues of actual and real merit, they are very much of one mind, and are not above any form of violence or heinous action to ensure that their privileges are ensured. (No doubt the Diebold Republicans are sharpening their knives, waiting to steal yet another election for their man, upon their controller's order.)

As the mentality goes: "We have our power and privilege. We want to preserve this. The little fry cannot be allowed to upend this status quo through the means of open competition and fairness."

That, my friend, is the elite's political raison d'etre in a nutshell.

It is time for the common folk to revolt. Only violent revolution can save us now. The dickheadery's power rests on our doing nothing. It is astounding that we permit dickhead inventions like laws, pieces of paper, and the ubiquitous "theraputic" approach to separate us from our liberty.

The only way to achieve liberty is to exterminate those forces which deny us our freedom.

Let there be blood.

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