04 November 2008

To my fellow Amerikans

On this election day, you murdered America.

You blindly participate in this farce of fools, this "election", this counterfeit subterfuge which conceals who really runs the works.

By participating in this farce, you slaughtered the republic, and enshrined an unholy empire headed by a depraved murderer-king.

Somewhere deep down in your tiny amphibian brains, you may possibly know in your heart of hearts that the nation is ruled by power for power. But as long as you have your bread and circuses, your latest gadgets and your fancy clothes and dickhead salary and privileges, it is a tradeoff that works for you.

Reptilian scoundrels. You have been purchased by the money-changers; you have sold your liberty for thirty pieces of silver and left it to be brutally crucified.

Be warned, for this world of counterfeit privilege and unearned subsidy is fast ending. The New Order has arrived.

It only awaits your formal "approval" - but it is already here, whether you want it or not. The power players have seen to that.

What say our descendants to this, as they writhe in the iron chains of open dictatorship, in a not-so distant future time when the elites will feel no compulsion to hide their iron rule in a repose of pretty flowery words and flourishes ("CHANGE")?

That time is soon to come. No matter who "wins" this election, Amerika chooses darkness to be their Leader, and darkness thence will come. For that is the consequence of checking one's mind and morality at the door to feed on those barren crumbs which the powerful throw us. Such is the ethos and mentality of subsidy.

The bedraggled, the helpless, the moronic, the ignorant will be lifted and enshrined in the temples as the paragons of humanity. The productive, the capable, the competent will be charged with heinous crimes and brought down like so many wildebeests.

Those of you who cower before the Great One, worshiping his every movement as if he was the Messiah, know this:

You have fooled yourselves into a corner. You have been dealt the hand of the Antichrist. And in keeping with the serpent he is, the snakelike vise of the total State will soon smother and crush you into nonexistence.

Perhaps you really believe that BO will provide a better life. The Germans believed the same about Hitler, too, in 1933. Look how that turned out.

Why do you so strongly desire a Leader that will wring you by the nose and lead you to certain immolation? Is is because you are too afraid to use that gray matter between your ears?? Or is it the siren song of subsidy that lures you? Come now, if you have never achieved anything in your sick little lives, what makes me believe that you stand for the rights of the productive and capable? Everything you have, you owe to the destruction and dessication of the strong and competent.

The coming New Order will finish the work. The remaining seed corn will be swallowed up into the bottomless pit of "need" and rank subsidy. The culture will be perverted (it's called "political correctness" - be ready for loads of it in the coming New Era) to justify and satisfy these ends. The productive will be raped and left for dead, leaving only the helpless sheeple with their outstretched hands, clamoring for more, when nothing is left.

And then you will cry, when the subsidy jig is up and the last of the seed corn has been looted and consumed: "Where are the competent men? Who will save us from this horrible deadly lake of fire and gnashing of teeth?"

I have no sympathy. You have dug your own grave. Now lie in it and prepare to die.

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