29 November 2008

The daytime void

Currently I am engaged in extensive research regarding the history of network daytime television programming. It's quite fascinating.

The plethora of soap operas, game shows, and other assorted features is a veritable museum of American cultural history.

But what has been learned from all this so far?

Once a land of experimentation and attempts to replicate realism to a degree, daytime dramas have slid far and fast into the quagmire abyss of unbelievable fantasy, inpossible plot outcomes, and contrived artifice.

Once a venue of class and style, daytime game shows became so banal that they no longer walk this earth. The last of these once great programs, The Price is Right, is even now slipping into the sickening rigor mortis of nihilistic exhibitionism, courtesy of the Carey regime.

The highest rated soap to-day is pulling in Nielsen shares that would have spelled certain cancellation thirty, even twenty, years ago.

Soon I predict that networks will abandon daytime programming entirely to the likes of the syndicated trash that has inherited audiences' patronage.

Another sign of an age of decline.

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