30 November 2008

A world apart

There is something to be said for self-enforced separation from other people.

The chaos, mindlessness, moral shirking, narcissistic social nuances, and perfidy of other people is not seen or dealt with.

You lose experiencing the good in people, but you also avoid experiencing the bad. And to-day it is evident that "the bad" is greatly in ascendancy amongst the common citizenry.

You see illegitimacy, substance abuse, separation and divorce, destitution, welfare parasitism, indulgence in "alternative lifestyles", "living for oneself", and other such absurdities in increasing amounts everywhere to-day.

A warped mindlessness seems to have taken hold amongst large sections of the population, especially the bedraggled youth of modern times.

Why are we sitting up here at one a.m. at this bar, drinking ourselves to stupidity? Don't know, we're just chillin', eh brother, hanging out, got nothing better or more productive to do. We just feel like it.

Uh huh. Signs of a life not well guided or structured by any semblance of moral principles.

So I remain apart from the madding crowd. It is a regrettable but unfortunately logical decision.

Life alone has its advantages, despite the emptiness.

You are not subject to the whims and ways of capricious others. You are not corraled into immoral and decadent behavior as such has become the purview of the youthful, "hip" crowd to-day.

You have ample time to indulge in hobbies, to contemplate a gentler past when people were more friendly and not wont to snivel and gnash their teeth in a wailing cry to demand their "rights" - that is, the "rights" to freeload, to couple and uncouple at will, to shirk their familial obligations, to abandon their responsibilities and live only for pleasure.

Not for me, sirrah. I have a job that I must perform Monday through Friday, rent and bills to pay each month, errands to do. I cannot afford to indulge in an existence of perpetual adolescence.

So remain away, nihilistic world. I overwhelmingly prefer the existing separation between us to continue.

Until you can provide a person with dignity and character who is worth getting to know, I remain committed to this course.

Deal with it.

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