22 October 2008

The junglefication of Amerika

Dixie Square Mall, Harvey, Illinois, 1966:

Dixie Square Mall, to-day, same location:

Paramount Theatre, downtown Baton Rouge, 1978:

Same location to-day:

The Price is Right, in the good old days:

TPiR as "presented" to-day:

Little things, maybe. But all indicative of something deeply wrong with America. A country this wrongheaded has far worse problems than these mere symptomatic elements of decay.

Because ultimately, to continue on this path of social decay and depravity can only lead to one place:

A society that doesn't respect itself and the works of productive man is a society that worships death, and ultimately achieves death.

Such is the warp and loom of human nature, the lust for power, and the rise and fall of civilizations.

Will you allow this to happen, America? Or are you too sick, obese, and diabetic to care anymore?

Such is the fate of fools and their civilizations.

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