23 October 2008

Around the Stick Quickie

Like the Garfield and Friends Quickies of old! No Screaming with Binky here, though. Oh well, see this instead.

Nicholson Drive in the vicinity of the LSU north gate is increasingly taking on a higher-density, if not decidedly urban, vibe:

Scenes such as this bring to mind Mid-City New Orleans, in a faint sort of way.

(Hey give the area credit, this is pretty urbanized as Baton Rouge goes.)

In other urban news, here is the new fascism writ into the physical landscape:

The "designated smoking area" for the bureaucrats at the State government complex downtown. Yeah, this is the entirety - a couple benches tucked at the rear next to the freight entrance.

The numerous "No Smoking" signs/laws/probations/whatever have chased all tobacco activities to this dark and hidden location.

Smokers, the new set of second class citizens. See, it's official now!

While we are the topic of government idiocy, here is something else:

Fallen trees, debris, and other junk remains on public ways nearly two months after the late storm events.

Proving yet again that while you take care of your yard and prevent anything on your own property from becoming potential liabilities, the State feels no obligation to do likewise.

It's public property, man! Who cares!

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