22 October 2008

Imperium Americanum

The above means "American Empire" and that is what this nation is to-day, having sold its republican roots for a song and twenty pieces of silver.

But the Empire is crumbling.

Factories are closing, jobs and income are evaporating, people are growing desperate.

So what do the candidates promise? More Empire, more of the same.

In this state the Senatorial candidates engaged in their final "debate" this evening, a cacaphony of the usual utter blather and trading of accusations as they strive to hedge their support upon the elite sectors of society which really pull the strings.

It is a sick sight, put on display for our amusement, perhaps. Really, it is no different from what one might witness on Jerry Springer or some such.

The lies and blatant flip flopping on either end is hilarious. It leaves both candidates looking tarred and sullied, which is as it should be, cuz it's true.

The bread and circuses roll on as the Empire breathes its final gasps before the collapse.

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