21 October 2008

For a new primitivism

The voating season is upon us. No one regales us this year to vote or die, probably because we are all gonna die anyway no matter who we vote for, or whether we vote or not.

The major party candidates, as always, are indistinguishable. They both favor the new primitivism.

What is the new primitivism? You won't hear this term in soaring speech or campaign points, but it is the fundamental basis of each major party's platform. The new primitivism seeks to re-order society from a basis of productive effort to that of looting and consumption of the wealth of others.

This is the basic conceit. It underlies everything from the scheme of perpetual Imperial warfare, to welfare transfer payments and "entitlements", to a constantly expanding Federal bureaucracy, to bailouts for Wall Street plutocrats and other corporate "citizens."

But what happens when those stores of wealth are exhausted? What happens when the producers are bled dry and even their carcasses have been consumed?

This is the fatal blindness of the new primitivists. They refuse to undertstand that you can't exist without effort. They seemingly cannot conceive otherwise.

It is a blindness so palpable and obvious that you would only imagine that the new primitivists are deliberately using doublethink to ignore the fact.

And yes, I mean doublethink in the Orwellian sense.

It is frightening to consider that these are the men who control our future destinies.

To-day, if you can, commit yourself to voting for someone besides one of the major party candidates. There are plenty of other parties to choose from.

Even if you don't agree with them politically, at least it can be said that they do not favor the system as it stands. At least they will provide the fundamental change that is so desperately needed to save this country and its people from mass death, starvation, and extinction.

If you have early voting in your jurisdiction (as they do here - quite convenient, I may add), vote TODAY, so that you don't forget on Election Day.

First chance I had to vote for someone honorable, I dood it. And so can you!!

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