01 October 2008

Bad TV thru the ages

Apparently one of the local broadcast channels has become affiliated with something called the "Retro Television Network" which looks to be like a low-rent version of TV Land.  And for those who hanker and wail for the lost "golden age" of television, you have been outflanked by cold, sordid reality.

I just finished watching an episode of "The A-Team" and now it comes back to me how absolutely awful 1980s television was, both in production values and plain old scripting. Modern programming, for all its insipidness, at least appear to have been produced with more than a little spit and polish.

What boggles the mind is that networks actually thought this stuff was good, that viewers thought this stuff was good, and that networks continue to be entranced by this delusion, to the point where there is now a large market in remaking certain "classic" programs. But people have gotten wise to this now.

Are you listening, NBC?

In 1985 folks had very few options besides the three broadcast networks on the boob toob to entertain themselves after a hard day's work. To-day there are a cornucopia of alternative entertainment options, including cable channels, the Internet, video games, etc. etc. And not to mention those old standbys of books, films, plays, and board games.

The networks are going to have to try harder than they are presently to win the hearts and minds of viewers. The old mindless entertainment won't do anymore, because people can get that readily from YouToob nowadays.

Don't insult the people's intelligence, TV executives. Sell something worth buying, and the people will follow.

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