29 September 2008


This is the time when the excess is to be wrung out.

This is the time when those who are not the most exceptional at what they do are to be put out to pasture, doomed to starvation.

This is the age in which only the superman has a chance to float, while all others sink. The average man has no chance of survival now.  There are too many surplus people, too much irrelevant excess in the system which will be liquidated before long. The tower of debt is coming down, to collapse like a pile of bricks on the hordes of loser nobodies which inhabit society's bottom.

Only the most capable will be able to sell themselves now, and not be liquidated like every other Joe and Jill Dumbass who thought coasting through life in this era of apparent ease would be enough to get by.

The age of comfort is over. Hard times beckon.

The streets will be littered with emaciated corpses.

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