29 September 2008

The people have spoken

In the face of the overwhelming demand of the dickheadocracy, the hi-finanz playaz, the elites, the bankers, the moochers, and all the other parasites clamoring for Federal aid from the solons on high, the people have spoken.

Their rage at their rapidly declining situation has reverberated across the land, exposing the fundamentally clay feet of the titanic monstrosity that is the power elite.

Today the powerful have been denied their wish and whim, because the people actually got off their asses and started caring. The threat to position and that vaunted thing called the "American way of life", if nothing else, is what it apparently takes to awaken the slumber of the "do not care" crowd.

But lo! diligence is due. Because tomorrow the powerful will go back to grinding their swords, to do battle again. The elites are temporarily reeling, but they are far from out.

Much blood will flow and corpses will drop before the epic battle with the powerful in this country is finished. It is only now beginning.

Mark my words.

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