02 October 2008

Impalin' Palin

To-nite brings the occasion of the completely nonsensical and pointless Vice Presidential debate.

Joe "Master of the Game" Biden is a slick character. Anyone who has hung around the Senate for over 30 years is sure to be. Experienced, he is - experienced in robbing us blind, killing, robbing, maming, all in the name of the People. As VP, if the DemocRATS are elected come November, he will continue to endorse the murdering, scheming total State as any longtime Washington snake could.

Sarah Palin is gonna be eviscerated.

I have not mentioned Mrs. Palin on this blog yet, despite all the blogger "buzz" (she's a woman! Big almighty frickin' whoop!) because quite frankly, it is irrelevant who becomes, or occupies the office of, vice president (save the possibility that the POTUS chokes on a pretzel one day). The VPOTUS has no power prescibed to him/her by the Constitution (thought VPs of late have been good at inventing powers for themselves), nor does he/she play any active role in governance save to break a tie in the Senate from time to time.

And whoever is VP, or candidate for VP, has been vetted by the Leader (dat's how VPs are picked in this poast-12th amendment era), and thus will be a capable shill for the Leader's policies and governing philosophies (and Palin certainly has followed this script to a "T"). So whoever McMurder's VP is, that person has to agree at least in principle to the cherished tenents of the power elite.

Sarah Palin is capable enough to be mayor of a small suburban town populated with her fellow "hockey moms". She is probably capable of handling the governorship of a small state such as Alaska (est. 2007 population: 683,500 - metro Baton Rouge contains more people). Given the importance of the VPOTUS as a position in itself, she may even be capable of serving in that position with reasonable distinction.

But the most important job of the VP is to be relief pitcher in case something happens to the Leader. Call the VPOTUS a candidate Leader, if you will.

If Palin can't recall any other Supreme Court decisions besides Roe v. Wade, can she really be called upon to be an effective Leader??

No doubt if she ever becomes President, she will be no better and no worse than McWarCriminal - a murdering neocon, for that is her party's philosophy and raison d'etre. But her obvious lack of an intelligent understanding of history and the issues pretty much assures that a Palin presidency would be controlled by her neocon Praetorian Guard advisers.  Cheney in the Oval Office, round IV???

In any case, none of the candidates in play bode well for the future of American liberty. So frankly, this is all irrelevant blather. But it just goes to show how far this country has strayed from the Founding Fathers' ideal that our leaders would come from the best and brightest ranks of society, as they largely did up through the middle 19th century.

Palin is not a bad person as an individual, and there is much about her that is appealing (small town upbringing, all-American girl, yada yada yada), which is what has (momentarily) captured the minds of voters. But she is so far out of her league and element in this situation that it hurts. Palin is the product of State education, a university system that is too eager to dole out degrees in an effort to distribute "opportunity", a system which permits airheads (for lack of a better word) like herself to succeed without really putting in too much effort. Remember, Palin was a beauty queen and a television reporter before she became a small time politician - the standard airhead career. I bet her major at university was communications. (I'm a good guesser.)

This state of affairs is not her fault - but it should say something about the future generation of Leaders.

Because Mrs. Palin's generation is going to inherit the reins of this country in time. And from the looks of it, we are fucked.

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