08 September 2008

White makes right

In the past few days society again has demonstrated to me how strongly and powerfully they hold this maxim dear.

In all chaotic situations, the powerful profit on the backs of the nobodies, who are screwed beyond belief. It is only the nature of how power works - take advantage of chaos to divide and conquer.

The State is always there to lend a hand, moral support, armed backup, you name it, to the scions of "propriety" and privilege.

The bloodlust and fatal intolerance which society's "gentle" classes engenders is nothing short of barbaric. What piques the irony bone so much here is that it is always considered that the "lower" classes, often people of color, are only capable of such behavior. In reality, the little person is usually simply trying to mind his own business and survive as the predatory elites work to reduce his pay and standard of living.

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