10 September 2008


My neighborhood now stews for the ninth day largely without power.


Of course if I say this in the form which I would like - ranting and screaming with a baseball bat in my hand pointed at the dickheadocrats which make all this possible - I would be tased and bludgeoned by the storm troopers beyond belief.

The dickheads are completely in control now. They suck the life from all viable things. And the working class is the easiest and cheapest pick off the menu.

The working person is left to fend for himself once again in the face of impossible odds. While the welfare poor crowd like lemmings to the promise of free "disaster relief" goodies wrought by the powers that be, and the rich idle away thoughtlessly in their now re-powered and air conditioned homes, it is the working man who is abandoned in the quest to relieve the suffering of the State-privileged groups.

The mentality of "I've got mine, now fuck off" is very much the order of the day in this post-modern age of declining resources and vastly lowered expectations.

You can't trust the utility companies to actually be honest and forthright about when power is to be restored. (What, you actually trust State-supported "legal" monopolists? Surely you jest.) All their public pronouncements - every last one from the get-go of this crisis - have the very distinct look of being drafted by lawyers and other "public relations" specialists who are more concerned with taking the utmost care not to say anything publicly which might expose them to even a shred of liability than with, you know, actually informing their allegedly precious customers when they might expect their service to come back online.

That is surely a great help to suffering elderly people who can't run their dialysis machines, or infants and children, or to the ever growing mold and mildew in people's homes which is rapidly rendering them uninhabitable, power or no power. (Actually, that last part is exactly right.)

And you know, if there was ever an honest and true liability issue to contemplate, it is this situation. There will be lawsuits arising no matter how much "damage control" Entergy and its fellow travelers attempt to spin. But you can bet the farm that they will be dismissed by the courts (bought and paid for by the elites and the corporate interests long ago) due to some "act of God" clause or whatnot.

I see plenty of reason for businesses (particularly small businesses) and their employees to sue for damages. After all, every day without electricity for a typical business is a day without revenue, or even an assured loss if personnel salaries are factored in (for those increasingly rare businesses that actually take care of their staff). And most wage-work employees certainly aren't going to be paid if they don't work, and they aren't going to be working if their workplace is out of power.

Can you say "de facto furlough"?

So again, the little man gets screwed by powerful impersonal politically connected and entrenched corporate forces of death.

Like that's unique.


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