12 September 2008


Last night on my way home on the freeway my left rear tire essentially exploded and left me without reliable transport to work.

So I am home now. Actually, to be honest, I do not feel much like going to work. (Mark this occasion for this history books, as that is the only time you will hear me admit such a thing.) Stranded without power, as the very last person in the line scheduled to be restored (a lovely byproduct of being a poor and Black equivalent), led around by the nose to the shuck and jive excuses of all parties that are grandly profiting directly from human misery - no, I don't think I'm really in the mood to work right now.

And now comes a new hurricane to divert power restoration resources to new areas, leaving the forgotten areas of post Gustav Louisiana behind, probably next to permanently.  (Apparently Entergy believes that all Blacks are deadbeats who don't deserve the power they pay for.)

But things should look up, hopefully. The utility company says that all should be restored by Wednesday. Of course, given the history of Entergy's promises, we should only be slightly hopeful.

Come October, there will be drastic changes occurring in my living arrangements. If all works out as I hope, things will be looking quite up. This bullshit of living in the ghetto among society's most loathsome creatures is over. The train has run its course, and another stage in life must take its place. I am tired of being regarded as a second class citizen.

If you can't beat the dickheadocracy, join them (or at least make the appearance thereof).

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