15 September 2008

Mr. Hammond, the phones are working

Sometime this weekend electricity was finally restored to my apartment. Now on to the mold infestation battle. Yay!

Thanx, Entergy, it only took you nearly two full weeks to do it, well after DEMCO, CLECO, and your other State-regulated utility company peers managed to execute complete restoration in their service territories. You are all a bunch of unreconstituted, unrepentant racist, classist assholes. Typical par for the course for a politically connected, legally monopolist corporation. If Wal-Mart treated their customers with the kind of special contempt which you hold for your customers (excuse me, ratepayers - "customers" would imply that we had some sort of choice in the matter) , they would be out of business within months.

I am totally aware of your priority system with regards to restoration of power now. Can't have those rich Whites in Bocage and Country Club of La. stewing while working folks are being serviced. That would violate too many karmatic laws of class and caste to comprehend.

From what I understand, there are still areas in Louisiana even now without power due to Gustav (and this is not counting new outages from Ike) - approximately 12,000 customers, in fact.

Get ready, Texas and Arkansas. Now it is your turn to experience the disgrace that is Entergy. Be prepared for weeks of legalistic bullshit non-answers as to when you can expect to resume your normal lives.

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