07 September 2008

Back to normalcy (hopefully)

So work re-commences tomorrow, and I will be returning to the city to resume my old routine (finally!). It is not known if my apartment has been repowered, but hopefully I will arrive Monday evening to find all back to normal - power on, hopefully no mold.

If otherwise, then life is going to be particularly hard for a while longer.

And now there is another lethal storm in the tropics with the potential to again annihalate Louisiana, and from the looks of it the potential for this state to see another landfall of a major hurricane is high.

Normalcy, if it arrives, may well be short lived.

And then the cries of "fuck with it" will arise in a great clamour, and jobs will evaporate and lives will be ruined.


Let me just take this time to give a big non-round of applause to our local and state Leaders. (Like I didn't see this coming.)

Again, you botched this situation. Again, you scared people shitless and all but forced them to flee before the onslaught, all to aggrandize your power and glory. Again, you fucked with people trying to return to their homes and properties. Again, you let the powerful (i.e. the energy companies) run roughshod over the public.

You are all just extremely lucky that the storm surge didn't rise a foot or two higher. If they had, we'd be pumping water out the streets of New Orleans right now, and many heads would roll.

The power situation is UNACCEPTABLE. Take a wager on whether we will be billed this month for the electricity we didn't consume? 

You can bet the farm that our energy bills will rise even though no one will actually, you know, have been with power for the majority of the month. Conceive the logic of that, if you will.

As always, the people are made to suck the dicks of the powerful and connected.

It's time for energy competition. Entergy and DEMCO would be bankrupt to-morrow if it had to contend with the likes of CLECO and LUS.

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