31 August 2008

So it begins

So far, just gray, non-threatening looking clouds that have been looming since around lunchtime or so.  Most of today weatherwise, in fact, has been quiet - too quiet. The lethal calm before the storm.

In contrast, the people have been jumping like lemmings in a mad scramble for survival as they make a last desperate dash stocking up on the remaining dwindling supplies for the long road ahead. Virtually all businesses closed around midday and boarded up windows are not an uncommon sight.

It is all quiet now. The streets are deserted all over the southland as people hunker down.  The hurricane is weaker, but still powerful, and looks to lay waste to an enormous swath of the state.

Storm cells now threaten from the east as the first of the outer bands approach my position. I don't expect much more than (maybe heavy) rain for now.

Tomorrow comes the deluge. May God have mercy on our souls.

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