03 September 2008

All is lost

So Gustav has passed. And south Louisiana lies in ruins.

The physical damage was not severe - downed trees and awnings, broken signs, etc. As a hurricane Gustav was not truly severe.

Yet due to the criminal incompetence (AGAIN) of the powers that be, especially the STATE MONOPOLY ENERGY COMPANY, this storm looks to be the worst in Baton Rouge's history. The city is facing weeks, perhaps months, without power, services, or basic supplies. 

Livelihoods and plans for a secure future, including my own, hang tenously in the balance as the lack of electricity stymies all attempts at normal economic activity, only working to the benefit of the power-mad politicians and the FEMAcrats who come out like roaches in the woodwork in these situations. (Disasters bring out the not so hidden fascist in every tinpot local elected official, all reveling in their ability to control people's movements and access to their property at will.)

The desperation of the people is increasingly palpable, with the few stores and filling stations open seeing long and grim lines of bedraggled rabble only one meal away from starvation.

Civilization is breaking down as people flee the city like rats from a sinking ship, to places outside where there is food, power, and water available, to stave off inevitable starvation. Even yours truly, hemmed in by the twin reapers of starvation and lack of electric power, had to flee to safer quarters outside the city to save his life.

Such are the wages of chaos when civilization disappears.

The only reason I am able to attend to this blog this evening is due to my bolting for better pastures; for the past three days a fatal lack of electricity has rendered normal updates futile. As it is my presumably inpregnable apartment is now uninhabitable thanx to humidity, a leaking ceiling, and a thousand other storm related issues. So homelessness, along with joblessness, looks to be my future.

There is nothing left for me in BR. My life is in ruins, and I have entered the blade runner situation of idle incomeless productivelessness. My worst case scenarios have been exceeded by a thousand percent.


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