13 August 2008

More autism madness

Again I read in the media that there has been more "discrimination" against autistic 'youth' (some of these 'kids' are 21 years old and up).

What a wide load of crock.

As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I am not one of the brainwashed millions when it comes to autism. I praised Michael Savage for his open minded outlook on the topic (though I am not generally a fan of his) and I challenged others to rebut the official truth about autism.

The facts are this: Autistics are now receiving the media attention because they are being groomed to be the next government approved victim group. Diagnoses of autism are rising in anticipation of the federal funding soon to come. They are the next great constituency for the welfare state to capture. The USA has come later to this game than the UK and other cradle to grave socialist polities in that dead continent we call Europe, but it would seem that "autism awareness" has now caught on here, unfortunately.

I cannot possibly fathom how a 21 year old man is permitted to act in an out-of-control, crazed fashion besides the possibility that he has never been told "no" or has never been taught to be responsible and exert self control over his body and mind. This is a simple task that most ten year olds can master. If an adult is unable to do this, then s/he is unfit to mingle with normal society, unfortunately.

I do not understand the thinking of these alleged 'parents' who take their uncontrollable child, or man-child as the case may be, out into the world with the knowledge that the child will 'act out' in inappropriate ways. And what is more, these 'parents' argue that strangers will have to 'sacrifice' and make accommodations for their wayward, undisciplined youth, instead of the situation being the other way around as it should normally be.

The gall of those people who hate autistics, for wanting to live in a sane and normal world!

What I am reading here is the result and obvious outcome of a total failure in parenting, in social adaptability, in taking personal responsibility for oneself and one's children. The ethos of the machine age is that if the individual cannot be responsible for himself, then society must be. But who asked "society" if they wanted to take on the role of the parents of spoiled children? Ah, but that is where the almightly State comes in, you see. We can be made to do anything that is 'good for society', if the Leader-in-Congress declares it so.

Traditionally, when a person could not cope with society, his family found a way to isolate him from potentially harming others, whether through home detention or institutionalization. In my youth, the only autistics I knew were located in mental hospitals. Partly because it is felt that institutionalization is too similar to imprisonment (for we are supposed to be a kinder, gentler society today (news to me!)), and partly because in this era of "letting it all hang out" (literally), any kind of deviancy is no longer discouraged or better yet, even encouraged, we now let autistics, whether real or phony, wander the streets freely to disrupt the productive activities of normal people.

And anything which disrupts productive work is a sin. Our forefathers understood this well.

I have called for institutionalization and marginalization of the productiveless. I will reiterate this call. Those who truly cannot take care of themselves, we pawn off to charitable organizations or family members who are willing to take care of them. Those who are able to care for themselves but refuse to, since they prefer to be trapped in their little world, we send out onto the streets. They will snap out of their "little world" quite rapidly, or starve trying to sustain their fantasies.

It is as simple as that. Resources are scarce, thus there is much work to be done to sustain human life and wants.  Society cannot afford people fucking off in their dream worlds, lest we all starve together - therefore there must be incentives to produce, by making the price of failure very high (ostracization and death). We would all like to fuck off, but the result of this is mass starvation. So the moral imperative is clear.

A society lost in its own collective asshole is the very thing that destroyed the Soviet Union, and is rapidly destroying Amerika - and will destroy this country, unless we get our act together fast.

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