12 August 2008

Olympian geopolitics

Last nite Glenn Beck (who is usually good for a laugh, since he is such a buffoon and better yet, makes no pretense of hiding it) had a hair up his ass about the Chinese Olympic opening ceremonies - specifically the "totalitarian" aspect of the mass uniformity involved in the stunning choreography. His main issue was that "this is China's way of saying that they are a first rate power, and that America is second rate."

Well, ya think?? Wake up and smell the coffee, Glenn; abandon your Amero-centric jingoism and get used to the new reality. China is on its way up, and America is on its way toward implosion, collapse, totalitarian dictatorship, and mass death.

This is China's Roaring Twenties. Rising China's current situation is exactly identical to a rising America in that golden decade (the last period of actual broad based economic growth in the USA which did not involve public deficit spending, inflation of currency, or the military-industrial complex). Every way I look at modern China, this is obviously apparent.

Massive industrialization, economic growth, and expansion of cities; major increases in the size of the urban middle class; explosion of urban populations due to rural flight and mechanization of; a major imbalance of wealth and income between the glittering metropoli of the coast and the inland agrarian regions where the majority of the population still lives - all had parallels in 1920s America.  Natural disasters such as the recent Chinese earthquakes, with their massive loss of life, have distinct parallels to major American disasters of the period such as the the Miami Hurricane of 1926, the (Mississippi River) Great Flood of 1927, and the Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928 (the second most lethal hurricane in US history). In all these cases, the continued underdevelopment of the hinterlands within a nation of rising wealth were placed on full display. (One could even argue, in these sordid times, that we are now seeing a mirror image of this process as progress reverses, as in the instance of more recent natural disasters.)

Knowing your history is important. Regrettably 99% of the Amerikan populace have not learned this, so they have absolutely no inkling of the starving time about to come.

It is China's time to rise in history, as they have now acquired all the advantages of a rising society: increasing wealth, a strong currency, broad based personal savings (in no small part thanx to America's spendthrift habits), expanding goods production industries, a healthy export market, increasing international clout, increasing freedom (of the sort that matters - economic). America is the mirror opposite: decreasing real wealth and wages, runaway inflation, a failing currency, negative net worth and crippling public and private debt, a dessicated and dying goods production sector, an international reputation in tatters, a rapidly expanding public sector, and a rapacious fascist police state/welfare bureaucracy which threatens to consume everything in sight, up to and including human life.

Nations rise and fall due to the moral character of their population. When a people reject freedom for the counterfeit lifestyle of living off one's fellow man, or from stored wealth without means of replenishment, they deserve to be cast into the fires of societal damnation and mass starvation. No country is "exceptional", though for some reason Amerikans have been deluded into believing that their nation is such, thanx to State propaganda and overall rank stupidity (not hard to achieve in the age of State schooling). Psychologically, it is true that people do not like to separate themselves from their most cherished beliefs, even if demonstrably false - but in cases of grave survival, it is more than necessary; it is a decision of life or death import.

Unless the Amerikan people disavow themselves of this false belief pronto, they will be carrying it as a millstone to their graves.

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