24 July 2008

The other side of life

As the economic pie shrinks by the day, the regimentation and conformity of society continues to increase with every passing hour. Economic goods, even in good times, largely go to those whom society deems "normal" or "acceptable" - usually the mellow, easy going, light hearted joking dickhead personality type (but who in reality come off as decidedly arrogant and unfunny when push comes to shove). Oh how many of these empty human shells do I come into contact with in this infested culture.

Meanwhile at the social margins lie the discarded souls which society, success, and a reasonable quality of life have bypassed and rejected. Virtually invisible and certainly out of mind to the comfortable cafe and table set, these hardworking men and women perform the necessary tasks which without society could not function. Taken for granted by their class 'superiors' and forced to assume the brunt of every hare-brained social scheme, every dickhead insult, every dispossession, they yet solder onward, for there is no time for reflection: survival is paramount, and must be secured despite all obstacles.

They chafe under the petty rule of dickhead middle managers and supervisors, are subject to the whims and caprices of anonymous and ignorant bureaucrats, and endure constant harassment by the police and other State authorities. They are deprived of up to half their hard-earned income only to see the funds distributed to ghetto Blacks and other social parasites who have never lifted a finger in their lives to earn their keep, and couldn't keep a job to save their lives. 

The stresses of modern fascist life fall hardest on the working man (by design, of course). Their hand being forced by the intricate inanities of a State-subsidized housing market which favors the privileged elites and the most "needy" poor, they must endure lengthy commutes of up to two hours (one way) to those far flung sites where modest affordable housing is located, usually a trailer or other dirt cheap modular structures in the far exurbs. (That is, unless they do not mind living among members of the underclass.) The price of petrol, bipped up by inflation and State-induced foreign turmoil, is absorbed at the expense of reasonable housing or food on the dinner table. They sit silent as the culture exhalts the privileged dickhead lifestyle, an unattainable dream for many of them, as the ideal; or as that same culture fails to condemn the animal brayings of the most bedraggled and ignorant members of the human species. They say nothing as the society implies that only a college education can admit one into the rest of humanity, that holding a dead piece of pointless and empty parchment is absolutely required for one's opinion, desires, and preferences to matter to anyone. To speak up against these monstrosities means risking it all - livelihood, family, any semblance of stability, and greatly increases the chances of taking a bullet to the base of the skull. (Such is the state of the exhalted right of free speech in this fascist age - a privilege for the privileged.)

The prospect of animal starvation and declining into true squalor and the ranks of human garbage is omnipresent. Economic insecurity is a fact of life and no source of income, regardless of its apparent stability, can be trusted as reliable in the long term, or even the medium term. The hucksters, pinhead supervisors, and State officials can always be counted upon to separate the working man from his livelihood, his freedom, and the few assets he has. And if this is only a potentiality for reasonable adults, it is seemingly a certainty for their offspring. The working man finds that it is next to impossible to prevent his children from slouching into that dead end of a lifestyle. The vile temptations of thuggery, welfare, and parasitism is too great for a generation of youth untutored in morality, unschooled in the ethic of work, uneducated in general (thanx to public education), and viewing a culture where moral restraint is unknown and earning one's own keep is for chumps.

Yes, perhaps the working man, having tolerated insult after insult for far too long, should take a page from Atlas Shrugged and strike against society, against idiocy, against a culture which has long rejected them in the pursuit of parasitism and subsidy, which no longer values their role, or productive labor in general.

Regrettably the working man, too pressed for survival, could not strike against his masters. Even if every blue collar worker in the world participated in a general strike, the privileged would win the battle, with their stores of wealth, ear of the media and, more importantly, their control and influence over the State apparatus which could blundgeon any revolt into the ground immediately. The powerful have no qualms concerning the use of violence to achieve their ends, or even just to help them sleep better at night - as long as it is only employed against "those people." Resistance of this sort would truly be futile.

Lives and careers have been ruined so that the privileged world of the comfortable might remain undisturbed by the "inferior elements" of society. The inate talents and faculties of the unwashed masses of color and caste who seeth at the bottom, bereft of money, opportunity, or even convenient means of movement, remain fallow and unused, with the existence of such a wasted opportunity completely unheralded and unacknowledged by the glitterati class. The modest morasses are easily bypassed on the freeway as the dickheads in their luxury cars and SUVs speed by, silently and distantly relieved that they are not forced to mingle with "those people" as they nonchalantly pop another CD into the player.

Those that deign to attempt to cross the yawning divide between bottom dweller and the anointed are cruelly beaten down, forced to work twice as hard for one quarter the reward, doors slammed shut in the face so as not to admit a 'social cancer' into the midst of the comfortable. In lieu of admittance into the exhalted class, years are often spent in a barren limbo, in the excrement filled bowels of the universe of the underclass: in the kitchens of forlorn suburban fast food huts surrounded by acres of sun-blasted concrete, in warehouses in distant exurban industrial estates, in bleary and formless back offices off some anonymous freeway exit, in deteriorated and filthy apartment buildings located in hidden corners of the ghetto which teem with their idle State supported corn fed inhabitants. In the end push must come to shove, and the unfortunate soul must admit defeat and retreat to the trailer park from whence he came. In times of economic plenty, this process is cruel enough. Lo be the horrors that await future class astronauts in the coming age of scarcity.

And as the economy shrinks, the income stream dries up first, predictably, for those "non-essential" members of society - those left incomeless being those that can afford it least. The grim process of eviction, garnishment of wages, bankruptcy, family dissolution, and debtor's prison inevitably follow in its wake. The social destruction wrought by the extortionary games of the privileged through their State institutions upon the common run of man is enormous. But nothing of this will make the front page or the top of the evening news. The sheeple must never know that their country is stoked to the brim with the most vile of moral, political, and economic corruption.

So your solution is to resolve never to remain "common", to force a place at the (ever shrinking) table of privilege and plenty for yourself, before the ship that is working America sinks? That is just your sick character asserting itself. Of course you choose the path of power and maximum control. Why be one of the oppressed when you can be the oppressor just as easily? But there is no moral virtue in being the agent of destruction of other people's lives. Anyone who believes otherwise is either a fool or a power hungry madman. Stay clear of them, for they are the angels of death.

And in the end, even the dickheadery are expendable. Every day now, established "professionals" are mysteriously evaporating almost instantaneously, their world of "contacts" and "associates" vanished in a wink as they disappear into the ether of destitution and meaninglessness, and experience the long dreaded and unspeakable fate of entering the world described above. You may even know some people to which this fate has occurred. Do you continue to speak to them and associate with them, once they have acquired the fatal taint of failure?

Of course you don't. That wouldn't be like you, since you are a perfect specimen of a dickhead. They are now "those people" and, for all you care, don't even exist. All they are fit to do now is shine your shoes and suck your dick.

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