23 July 2008

Crimes against humanity

While the elites prosper, the common folk suffer the brunt of it. And plain and clear was this truism demonstrated when Hurricane Katrina bore down on the Crescent City, the onslaught of which the government-constructed levees predictably failed to protect life and property from, thus destroying my neighborhood and my life and leading to the deaths of various people known to me.

As the dreaded peak of hurricane season approaches, the memories return to me clear and strong. And I delve to close from my mind the images of floating corpses on the fetid water, of houses floating off their foundations, of desperate poor people struggling in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt at survival.

Though it is not entirely correct to place the entirety of the blame upon our noble Leader for this holocaust - one among many which has been perpetuated under his enlightened watch - it is fair to say that the Leader, as with all Leaders throughout history, doesn't give a holy shit about regular folks. In this game, it is all about which subset of the elites profit and whose dicks get sucked. The Leader's job is to divert the stolen funds of the productive to his friends and other subsidy feeder classes who as a society we somehow regard as the "upper classes".

And as Nero fiddled and the bureaucracy convulsed with a fatal sickness of character which is its enduring (and in this case, murderous) hallmark, New Orleans drowned, its surviving citizens reduced to a Third World rabble morass, downgraded by the imperial court media as "refugees" when they had once been full human beings.

Granted, many childlike corn fed State wards remained behind, believing that the State's "protection" would absolve them of the responsibility to act like adults and fend for their own survival. They paid the ultimate price.

To this day I believe that the storm death toll has been grossly undercounted. There is no way in hell that only 1,400 or so bodies dropped due to this catastrophe of biblical proportions. The Government is too embarassed to expose the true extents of its abject failure and lethal incompetence.

If the truth was known, heads would roll - literally.

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