22 July 2008

Slim prospects

The nation reels as the economy continues its gradual collapse and the slow-motion destruction of our society and culture continues unabated. What must those people be thinking who, once productive members of society, now face this hour in a state of incomeless, jobless, purposeless destitution.

As the economic conditions bleaken, one by one the major corporations either wither away or conduct massive retractions, shedding jobs and livelihoods with abandon. Steve and Barry's Sportswear faces dissolution, and Mervyn's might not be far behind. Starbucks is closing hundreds of stores and more or less completely disinvesting from this particular city and state (Louisiana is always disinvestment target number 1, since it is presumed that those who live here are all poor destitute Blacks). Retailers and other similar service "industries" twist with terror as the inflationary boom ceases and Amerikans can no longer afford to purchase the superfluous cheap junk which they sell.

For those who seek work at this hour, any work, the picture is grim. Long lines form for those now-rare open positions which pay reasonably well. Even fast food chains have to turn away the increasingly desperate, as ten applications are submitted for one low-paying opening. The crowds at the day labor office down the street from where I live are thicker than ever. Men stand on street corners with hungry lean visages, desperate for any means of survival.

The eternal law of caste and class comes into play, as the dickheadery coalesces in an effort to protect their interests first and foremost; people of color, social outcasts, and misfits are the hardest hit by the economic paralysis, the last hired in good times and the very first fired in bad times. The groups of idle men on the streets of my neighborhood are more numerous, larger, and hungrier appearing than ever.

The elites and other affluent Whites in their BMWs and Hummers are largely unaffected so far, at least on the surface. Of course, who knows what massive bleeding of paper losses is going down in hidden fashion. But the creditors and lenders will be most gentle with the privileged folks, since that is how one treats "nice people"; perhaps they will send out an extra warning notice informing their customers on the inconvenient facts about the arrears in the mortgage payments, to be easily ignored. For the ghetto Blacks and other poor who regrettably do not fall into this category, they can instead expect heavily armed sheriff's deputies to show up at their doorstep to effect the rapid eviction or foreclosure.

In a rareified world far removed from the average working man's troubles, Wall Street convulses as this monumental scam by the financial elites to defraud the working man of his income collapses like a house of cards. The evil is gradually being exposed for what it is, and the government, that agent of false salvation, is appearing as impotent as it actually is in the face of the crisis.

The best case scenario is for the government to do nothing and to let the crisis pass relatively rapidly, destroying many lives but preserving what is left of our civilization. However, the view has long been abandoned in our culture that government does best when it does least. The tide is for statism; the dream of untold generations of death worshipers has arrived, as President Obama makes it his mission to create a new and glorious day for the omnipotent State.

A wave of gargantuan socialism will sweep the land as the elites attempt every last measure to preserve their profits, and which will screw every last Everyman into the ground. And as the Chinese rise on the wealth which we have so foolishly bequeathed to them, the shattered ruins of our society will only hold the dark and monstrous barbarism that is the final death rattle before societal extinction.

Even the dickheads in their fancy cars and McMansions will feel it. And yes, they will feel it. Hunger is real. Thirst is real. Starvation is real. Death is the ultimate reality.

It's as real as it gets. That should make only the thugs happy in this advancing age of death.

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