17 April 2008

High water risin'

Know this is nearly a week late but I was sick so deal with it.

Last Sunday brought me to the river to capture the continued rise of the water levels:

Up to step number five, nearly! The place I sat last time is completely submerged now by Big Muddy.

Went to the casino parking lot nearby, which is a fascinating place, as cars can park quite literally right at the river's shoreline:

Not much separating that SUV from inundation.

Actually a part of the parking lot is already flooded:

Nature reclaims its turf at last!

Along this part of the river there are no real levees, as this is supposed to be the high ground along the bluff line. If there were no levees downriver where there are no natural bluffs, we'd be having real problems right now. Witness:

See how the water line is higher than the dry ground on the other side of the levee? Without the levee, River Road and the four blocks of the downtown area lying directly adjacent would be underwater right now. And the whole of the parish's southwestern corner, which includes one of our state's finer institutions of higher learning, would essentially become a lake.

Marvel at the power of nature!! Take that, Army Corps!