17 April 2008


Back to work at last!! Finally free from the electronic wasteland of daytime television and utter isolation!!

Seriously, now I know why daytime TV ratings have gone downhill for years. Every network tries to outdo each other in the 'mindless crap which sells toilet bowl cleaner' programming genre.

Shit, even TPiR has faded. Half the products up there aren't being sponsored. Ya ever notice that Rich Fields will sometimes only give a brief description of a game prize (usually a minor one like a stick of toothpaste) without plugging the name brand or advertising copy? Dat's cuz the TPiR production staff has to go out and buy those things themselves, since companies like P&G and Colgate-Palmolive aren't providing products free to them anymore, since the vehicle of the game show as a means of tempting housewives to purchase more toilet bowl cleaner is a thing of the past.

Many of you out there have no idea how much power the major consumer goods corporations had, and continue to exert, over the makeup of the daytime television schedule - not only as advertisers, but as outright producers of programming (soap operas, anyone?).

Well that day may be ending. It would appear that the likes of "The Big 4-0" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" will be the dominant programming forces in our daytime future. Just hope that SciFi will be generous enough to air more "Twilight Zone" reruns to mitigate the unprecendented levels of crap to come.

I wonder if that will sell toilet bowl cleaner effectively.

Glad I work for a living and don't (usually) have to observe the chaos.