18 November 2009

Parade of fools

The media circus rolls on with the continued and unwanted presence of the former governor of Alaska in our lives.

No failed vice presidential candidate in the history of time has ever found anything save obscurity in the wake of a national defeat. Who here recalls Lloyd Bentsen, Jack Kemp, Sargent Shriver, etc. etc. For that matter, who remembers Garrett Hobart? He was vice president - during the first William McKinley administration.

So why hither the anomaly that is Sarah Palin?

She is now famous for being famous, just as unqualified to be Dictator as anyone else, a character in the center of an ongoing soap opera being played out in front of the cameras.

As with everything in the media, it all comes down to celebrity. When the media figures themselves frequent the circles of the powerful, it stands to reason.

Dickheads of the highest order.


Not to mention that other celebration of dickheads, the Business Report's "Top 40 Under 40", filled as always with the ranks of lawyers, public relations "directors", bureaucrats, "principals" of an uncountable number of firms, etc.

In short, no one who truly enriches the world by producing something tangible of value. Really, what do lawyers do that adds value to the economy?

The goods producing folks roll on anonymously. But for the likes of the power elites that publish the organs of influence in this city, they could be all but non-existent to them. Because when you are one of the "little people", a different set of standards apply, for the powerful truly do not care whether you live or die.

The taser wielding Praetorians which terrorize us daily are proof enough of that.

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