30 November 2009

If god is dead, was he ever alive?

For millennia the mystics of faith have kept the morass in thrall to the obedience of the ghosts on high who are presumed to dictate the whims and ways of the world.

The destruction to rationality and human productivity these prophets of moronia have unleashed is probably incalcuable over the depths of human history.

But we can break their millennial misrule with three simple but earth-shattering words:


Indeed, there is no supreme being watching over you. The elites and their clerics have conspired to rob you of your birthright in this world for the promise of eternal sunshine and happiness in the "next." They create a ghost, an illusion, a delusional farce, so that they may have their way with you through the unquestionable guise of religious authority.

Nay, the church tacitly supports the agenda of imperialism, centralization in the FedGod, and worship of the Leader through the promotion of the cult of imperialism. So the State and the Church are joined at the hip despite whatever the increasingly irrelevant constitution says.

Think about it. Jesus said with prayer all things are possible. But when has that ever been true for you?

Billions across the planet practice faiths which Christians regard as fantasies. What makes the way of the Nazarene any more valid than any other world religion?

Think of the dead gods of history. To their adherents, they were just as real as the reincarnated Savior. Real as mermaids and unicorns. Do we pray to Zeus, or Ra, or Mithras to-day?

The centre of the Christ faith is the torture and death of a delusional carpenter who died "for our sins." After having watched the Passion of the Christ, I wonder if it is not truly about the torture for torture's sake, and nothing else.

It is quite apparent even from his own words in the gospels that Jesus, a delusional madman, is quite dead and absolved no sins with his gruesome death.

In the mass we eat his body and drink his blood - as the ancient tom-toms of cannibalism are suppressed behind the dark curtain of silence.

In the end, we sustain ourselves by reason in our daily lives. We know rationally that we cannot move mountains with prayer, levitate at will, or conjure up angels.  

Because deep down, we all know in our heart of hearts that god is indeed quite imaginary.

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