09 June 2009

Trailer court follies

For the latest chapter in the decline and fall of the Murican empire, look no further than the evaporation of the educated from our landscape.

So now it is official: nearly half of to-day's urban youth on average, and not too many more of their suburban and rural brethren, fail to graduate high school, fail to obtain basic skills necessary to survival in a modern technological society.

For a good majority of the remainder, graduation occurs but is only a non-event, an anticlimax - they remain mal-educated, ignorant, the products of social promotion, holders of a worthless and hollow credential made empty by the dogs of government fiat.

It is clear that ever decreasing levels of achievement and increasing intellectual squalor only serves to depress our economic performance and productivity and debases our once envied way of life.  Where once competence could be counted upon in the world of commerce, incompetence and sloth reign supreme. It has become a truism of everyday life that the vast majority of the employees of the various massive corporate enterprises, and thus by extension their employers (most service sector), cannot be counted upon to provide a product or service effectively, efficiently, or with any degree of courtesy. Workflows and processes must be revised and devolved to match the minimum competencies (if that) of a workforce which has hardly demonstrated any sort of allegiance to the work ethic. 

A generation has it writ upon their faces "DO NOT CARE" unless it concerns some form of gross orgiastic self-engorgment, generally involving either bodily parts or controlled substances.

Why the sudden embrace of the existence of subsidy, sloth, parasitism, and moral decay amongst the young thug set? Why do able bodied people reject achievement and meaning in their lives for the counterfeit pleasures of substance abuse, sexual excess, et al.?

Because given the choices posed to them, the youth will always take the easy way out. His mindset is fixated on short term indulgences as opposed to long term reward for diligent effort. It is the consistent mentality of the untrained, immature mind.

Formerly this process was understood by civilization, and much effort was expended amongst society's adults to place restraints on youthful behavior in order to restrict the natural inherent tendency toward the pursuit of instant gratification and endless leisure. The structures imposed by social institutions would shape the young person's mind and character, ultimately orienting it toward the pursuit of productive work as the brain matured and the individual came to accept the societal norms of work and effort which are demanded of us all.

But these restrictions have dissolved in the face of a State that provides eternal subsidy for all mistakes and penalizes those who pursue productive paths as the parasitical classes make permanent hosts of the wealth generators. The bonds of family, friends, schools have evaporated to be incompletely replaced by an impersonal and distant god-State.

And when traits of behavior are not learned during the formative years, they remain unlearnt perpetually and can only be belatedly taught only at great expense of effort, usually resulting in futility and failure to correct the destructive habits of subsidy. When the pursuit of perpetual gratification becomes the focus of existence, like a narcotic it cannot be neither continued nor withdrawn easily without the gravest of consequences.

The future of the uneducated masses appears bleak indeed. Illiteracy, illegitimacy, parasitism, and personal chaos ensure that the failure class will be of little use to society in their future lives, and ensure a lifetime of welfarism for each. Assured of rendering but only marginal contributions to the economy (if that), this lost generation will find itself ill-equipped to compete with the rising economies and advanced training of countries in distant lands formerly best known for the frequency of famines and despotic regimes. The tables will soon be reversed as the current crisis of civilizational devolution reaches its inevitable denouement, with these things becoming a fact of life here as the vast majority select the life of subsidy over productive effort, thus relegating anything approaching an advanced industrial economy in this country to the dustbin of history. The remaining semi-productive activities on these shores will increasingly be restricted to those areas which service the nauseatingly eternal belly of subsidy - fast food, drugs, guns, and social welfare services. All of this will be accordingly dumbed down to fit the feeble abilities and barely extant expectations of the ascendant trailer court class.

As the Far East assumes predominance in world economic affairs on the basis of its productive economy, the Lost World of Amerika will degenerate into a destitute mobocracy, filled with filthy, slimy creatures hardly worthy of being described as people, their grimy hands outstretched in a permanent pose of perpetual need to their now-totalitarian government and to the rest of the world. The global masses will but shake their heads, extend a few words of pity, and be on about their business, happy to leave the comatose masses to their degeneracy of mutual slaughter and self-immolation.

As Ayn Rand stated, the mind is the key tool of the human being which enables him to rise above the other animals. Nature did not endow the 'naked ape' with particularly exceptional strength, natural protections of a physical sort, or swiftness of speed. The evolutionary advance that elevated Homo sapiens to predominance in the natural world was the careful use of his intellect and stored knowledge, passed on through the generations via education.

To abandon this advantage is to fall back into the barbarous state of the animal kingdom from whence we came. And for this, this is precisely what will happen. To live as animals is to exist as animals. And it ends as we shall die like animals for our betrayal of ourselves.

Such is the ultimate outcome of the worship of death - the civic religion of our age.

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