07 June 2009

Nature vs. nurture

I had a wonderful photo to poast here, but since I have exchanged old for new in cellphones and the memory card holder for my old device has disappeared, this lesser poast will have to suffice.

Having just finished watching (again) the film Trading Places, the old question lingers.

Is it true that genes lend to high intelligence and success in life?

Maybe to a minute degree, but hardly moreso than that. While one may be blessed with native intelligence and mental dexterity, this advantage can easily evaporate with age (that is, by your mid-20s) if one doesn't work to retain these skills, or otherwise apply the gifts which nature bestowed. Indeed, many of those with brains feel complacent enough to coast through life, believing that their intelligence will save them while falling farther behind, until the achievements upon which a reputation of skill rests manifests itself thin and feeble. 

And on the other hand, a completely uneducated, poor person having faced all the disadvantages of a rotten background can become a rousing success at life. It has happened many times before.

Work and effort is the primary determinant of overall success. Those from affluent backgrounds who believe their "status" will spare them a heinous fate are well deluded in this aspect.

Coming from a person (me) for which great promise was invested in youth, only to be squandered and frittered away by adulthood due to a series of disastrous, self-destructive decisions which did nothing but to produce tremendous suffering for all concerned, that should be counted as life experience earned. So believe it!

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