25 June 2009

The king is dead

On this very morbid day, many celebrity bodies dropped, notably that of the King of Pop and Perversion who now lies dead in his perfidy. Like his predecessor in that office, Elvis, his passing created a great hullabaloo. In due time we will likely see conspiracy theorists, claims that "he's alive" and cheap Las Vegas impersonations, no doubt. 

Almost makes me feel sorry for poor Farrah Fawcett, whose legitimate suffering and bravery in the face of terminal cancer (which I know something about, my dear departed grandparents succumbing to the same disease) has been regrettably overshadowed by this bloated, gleaming, shiny celebrity death by the dark hands of drugs, gluttony, and perversion.

It is always sad to see real talent squandered for the glory of the present. With MJ's debts to the tune of hundreds of millions, it remains to be seen whether there is even one red cent left for his children to inherit, the entire fortune frittered on luxury and trysts with little boys.

I am guessing his cause of death was either cardiac arrest caused by excessive drug ingestion, or his face finally fell off. The coroner's inquest shall enlighten us presently.


Another Rethuglikan has fallen as Mark Sanford, SC governor, has regrettably dashed my slight hopes for him and turned out to be a turncoat perverted adulterer like all the other occupants of the executive suite. Like his predecessor in fornication, our 42nd Dictator, he has disgraced his office and his family, all to satisfy some evident mid-life emotional obsession with some Argentinian dickheadess.

While the man appears to possess a conscience, the fact makes it worse, as he was totally aware and understanding of what he was doing, and chose to proceed anyway.

Another resignation should be forthcoming, as the moral law demands. If a man should lie to his family, he shall lie to those in his trust.

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