30 March 2009

Reviving the corpse

The latest insult to liberty poisons the headlines to-day, as The One makes a naked grab toward economic dictatorship and orders the resignation of the CEO of one of the nation's largest (albeit bankrupt) companies.

The airwaves of talk radio are filled with excited and shocked chatter, as the question is posed "Should the President of the United States have the power to fire the CEO of a private company?" The sheeple protest this depredation upon rationality everywhere (well, at least here in tha Southland).

Nice to know the dumb masses are so concerned about the course of this nation's affairs now.

All of these feeble protestations come to nought; what has occurred is now a fait accompli, as once the emperor asserts the power, he retains it in total forever. That is the eternal lesson of history.

And how could this be of surprise to any? The Small Three of Detroit freely accepted - nay, all but begged for - the poison pen of public bailout funding, government ownership, and socialistic intervention as the price for reviving the zombie corpses of their corporate persons.

So why cry havoc now? When you accept the State as your god and savior, you are totally beholden to it. The State is the key factor - nay, the sole factor - rendering GM and Chrysler alive at this moment. It should not be so far as to understand that with control comes certain rights.

Explainable as it is, this indeed does not make the act any less odious and cancerous to what remains of our tattered free market economy.

Be not surprised at this latest incident. There will be far more like it in the near future.

Such is the whirlwind reaped by the wages of moral bankruptcy, and the support of those in power who would deign without hesitation to slaughter us all to achieve their wicked and self-serving ends.

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