28 March 2009

Death of the metrosexual

These hard times which have blackened our future more or less permanently, indeed, bring with them a silver lining. Perhaps it will be said of our generation, in distant times, how resilient we were in the face of crisis. If this is to occur, there will have to be some major changes between then and now in our roles as economic actors.

About once a century the multiple insults of State economic intervention cascade upon themselves and cause a wide ranging rearrangement of economic affairs which manifests itself as a major depression. These next few years will witness the gory and painful process of the liquidation of false stores of value, and the concurrent futile efforts of various public actors to restore the fiat-wealth system which persisted during the boom time and which served to so enrich those who comprise the ruling class.

The liquidation of boom period economic structures which can no longer be sustained in an age of a more rational approach to value will be necessity serve to restore the historic traditional roles of social actors within the larger socioeconomic framework. Narcissistic parasitism and pathological economics will be socially shunned, not only because of their tainted association with the irrational strictures of the boom time, but also because of their inherent lack of sustainability in an age of scarcity. Freeloaders are immoral maggots even in good times, but in lean times these impositions on moral sense can simply not be tolerated if recovery and sanity is to prevail in economic matters.

In this vein, expect the death of that sickening societal anti-phenomenon known as the “metrosexual” to be swift and scarcely mourned. Few tears will be shed for the death of a type that served to emasculate men and convert them from their traditional roles of producers and providers into simpering, effeminate, not to mention narcissistic consumptive entities obsessed with image and pleasure. It will hardly be mentioned here how much of a positive impact for the forces of social perversion, in the form of faggotry, was engendered by the rise of the metrosexual in the late boom times.

The latte sipping, skinny jeans set will no doubt be chagrined to hear this unfortunate news. However, as with all malinvestments in finance and character, inefficiencies must be cleared out and sorted, as the invisible and unstoppable hand of capital dynamics sorts things out and renders value to its highest and best purpose, after decades of maladaptive use.

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