06 March 2009

Insanity reigns supreme

B.O. and his moral allies certainly have no equal in the art of economic destruction. Each day brings another fresh Keynesian depredation on the economy and the public. In the name of economic salvation, jobs are evaporating at a pace never before seen. The hidden unemployment rate has already reached Grate Depression levels, a feat which so far has been concealed by the government's convenient fudging of the numbers.

In communities across the land, the starving time approaches, or worse yet has already arrived. Malnutrition and early death are on the rise. The hordes of surplussed labor is offing itself in droves, in a bloody acknowledgment of the reality of their utter economic valuelessness in a time of want.

The stimulus of abominations promises more jobs for technocrats, scientists, engineers. That is, dickheads. As always in life, the prosperous are subsidized by the powerless. High tech jobs of the future? Tell that to the high-school educated, laid off factory worker who busted his ass for thirty years at the auto plant in Indiana who is now facing personal ruination. What benefit will employment opportunities in highly skilled fields be to him? It goes way beyond simple "retraining." After 30 years at the plant, it's going to be well nigh impossible to switch modes into dickhead gear, eh?

The bleats grow greater every day, with each piece of negative economic offal. More State intervention! More fiat currency pump priming! More socialism! Nationalization! Soak the rich!

In short, the exact opposite of what must happen in order to right the economic ship of state.

Indeed, insanity rules the day amongst the alleged "educated" classes. It is not always true that ignorance is bliss. On the contrary, ignorance always leads to mass grave city before long. I don't have to predict this; read your history texts.

Do not think that they don't really know what they're doing. The system they preach does actually work, and precisely in the manner in which it was intended to work.

The privileged with the right connections are to benefit as the booty of the provinces rolls into the Imperial Capital, to enrich our Masters. The 'little people', those that don't count to the power elite, who are disposible, less-skilled, poor, Black, or all of the above, from which this bounty will be extorted by gunpoint, are doomed and fated to receive the short end of it all. Oh, a few crumbs might spill here and there. But by and large the crisis is cover for the greatest legalized money grab in all of human history.

Because the elites know this country is spent, finished. It is clear to virtually everyone not a chest thumping, "terr'ist" hating uber-patriotic lunatic. (Talk about clinging to a dying philosophy.) They've bled it dry long enough, and they see that you can't squeeze any more blood from a dried turnip. So they make one last desperate grab for all they can take, before the final collapse into rivers of blood. Already they prepare for the day when the safe house stored with food and ammuntion will be the only means to survive the hordes of rampaging, bedraggled, skeletal marauders that is our certain future.

The last gasp of the elites is full bore fascism, before it all melts into the primitive animal bleat of tom-toms.

When men are brought to the level of animals, civilization degenerates into a zoo. Call that Urban Prairie Schooner's Maxim of Life #1.


A note on my highway rationalization scheme:

After substantial research and much use of the "DELETE" button, I have whittled down the system of Louisiana state highways to a manageable level. Some loose ends need to be tied up here and there, but overall the system is sound and largely complete.

Overall we now have (at least in proposed format):

271 state highways, including spur and auxiliary routes (this is still a tentative number)
All US routes, with the exception of US 371, have been retained (so far)
I-220 has been extended along Shreveport's Inner Belt

I wish there was a method of linking Excel files into this blog, but until I find a method to do so my results will have to remain secreted for now.

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