04 March 2009

The great Christ hoax

It's Lenten season now, the time when we prepare for the death and resurrection of the Lord.

And so the two-thousand year old scam rolls on. Thankfully, fewer and fewer people to-day place their faith in a fictional ghost which does nothing to heal our world run wicked by the dark works of man and man alone.

It is disgusting to me when men are elevated to the status of gods. B.O. certainly has earned my ire for this. But he is hardly the first man in history to claim divine status for himself. In particular, absolute rulers tend to come to believe in their divinity over time. It is part of the bubble of power. One comes to regard oneself as invulnerable when one is in the possession of the power to destroy civilizations with the push of a button.

Indeed, this is the power that in the past was only seen to be held by gods.

So why should the erstwhile carpenter named Jesus of Nazareth be any different?

After all, David Koresh believed himself to be the son of god. (Guess that turned out badly for him.) What makes the claim of the Nazarene particularly exceptional?

"He rose from the dead."

Folk tales. This is what happened, per the gospels:

A crazy man called Jesus of Nazareth rolled into Jerusalem from the provinces claiming to be the Messiah, or the son of god per the Judaic faith. The Jews, seeing thru his charade, complained to the Imperial Roman authorities. (This too was the age of empire.) The Romans, not being exceptionally nice folks, decided to do something about it.

So they brought the Nazarene before Pontius Pilate, where the obviously deluded carpenter repeated his claims publicly. Pilate might've thought he was insane, but they didn't have mental institutions back then. So he was willing to whip the Nazarene (standard procedure back then) and let him go.

But the Jews, being religious folk, took this as an affront to their faith. They demanded satisfaction.

Thus the road to Golgotha, and execution on the cross (also standard procedure then). It was not pre-ordained, but just what was gonna happen given the circumstances.

And they nailed him to a cross and left him to die in utter agony. You've seen the images if you've ever stepped inside a Catholic church:

Rubbish. They propogandize the whole thing, like they must if they are to uphold the Christ cult which fills their stomachs and retain their parasitically wrought power. Here is how it really went down:

Does this look like a god to you?????

Hear his screams of terrible agony! Do gods feel pain?

Of course not. The man called Christ was merely that, a man, mortal in the end, after all.

And three days later his disciples stole his corpse from his grave, and birthed the two-thousand year hoax of the ages.

The end.


Still here? Read this if you don't believe me.

There is a lot the power players are not telling you, and not only limited to economic matters.

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