19 March 2009

Amerikan madness

The emperor makes a tour of his provinces, TelePrompter in hand as always, in his brazen attempt to fool the sheeple into supporting his policies of ruin, with a carnivalesque, campaign-like appearance on late nite teevee to boot. From the looks of it, the sheeple are not pleased. (No question that this will deservedly blow up in our Leader's face. But I digress.)

Meanwhile, the central bank resorts to printing press shenanigans so brazen that even the Noo Yawk Times likens the process to creating money out of thin air (guess Krugman wasn't around to proof that article, eh?). Like the good Keynesian he is, Crazy Ben follows his knee jerk gut reaction and starts warming up the helicopters.

Soon it will be a race between the printing presses and starvation, with starvation coming out ahead, as always throughout history when the elites see fit to devour the people in a fit of moral collapse.

Well the Leader himself is even getting into the spirit. Soon we will all be digging roots to survive. A vegetable garden is just advance preparation for the scavenging time.

If BO spends about half as much time on the economy as he does being caught up in the dickhead prolefeed idiocy that is "March Madness", the country would be better off exponentially. But don't count on it. The Empire is always at the ready!

No, the only March Madness is the goings-on in Parasite City as of late.

As we bicker over tiny portions of subsidy largesse provided by our generous solons to their friends in Corporate Amerika, with the fingers therein pointed at a few irrelevant dickhead traders, millions starve as the Empire's own actions desolate what is left of the free market economy. Meanwhile, the looting commences as the first signs of civil disorder make their appearance among the bedraggled underbelly, for which empty bellies make right.

Not to mention a purely preventable and genuinely sad tragedy, likely caused by bureaucratic bungling by our medi-crat friends in the cold snowy north.

And finally, more bailout madness as new auto interests line up at the subsidy trough. (Who's next? The rental car companies???)

Gotta love how the bailout program shares the same name as the flimsy blue items which covered many homes after another State-made tragedy.

Truly the inmates are running the asylum, in this age of Amerikan madness.

If you merely sensed the chaos some months ago, it is well nigh impossible to miss it now, as it whips you broadside like a two-by-four. The sense is palpable that BO, his imperatorship only 50 days old, is already a failure. But why should you be surprised?

Rush Gasbag said of BO, "I hope he fails." I can tell you with no hesistation about BO: I know he will fail. My desire, or anyone else's, for him to fail or not to fail is entirely irrelevant in this matter. He will fail no matter what, unless he abandons everything which he supports, commits a complete turnaround, and embraces anarcho-capitalism and unfettered laissez faire in economic and all other matters.

The likelihood of that coming to pass is even less than finding life on Mars.

BO has already failed. He assumed the crown and diadem dead on arrival, a morally bankrupt and corrupt monster with only the tendency to centralize, nationalize, and destroy, lacking sanity, moral compunction, or any other genuinely human tendency save the thirst to wield power and deliver death. His erstwhile policies are anathema to life itself. To grow the State is to choose stagnation, desecration, and genocide.

See, even the allegedly evil Wal-Mart benefits the people more than the State ever could. And for that they continue to prosper (and retain my business) even in these dark times. What of BO and his cronies? Could they ever be seen to create wealth and induce productive activities in the economy through their old-school redistributionist schemes?

Darkness is our fate unless we repudiate the power elites and all their dark works. The time is riper than ever for a bloody revolution that will topple the powerful, upend the obese and overfed dickheadery, and wipe out the buffoons who presume to control our lives.

For if we choose to remain in the incapable hands of BO and friends, we are all on the late-nite express train to the mass graveyard.

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