01 January 2009

There is still time, brother

With the arrival of a new year, it is instructive to reflect on the potential course of events which may or may not take place during the next twelve months.

This feels suspiciously like New Year's Day 1930. I suspect that 2009 will take a similar track. But that is a given, for economic laws are unbreakable and the economic infection is due to run its course. It behooves us to understand how as a society we reached this dire station.

You have likely been feed the dope all your life: "America is the greatest country on earth." "America can do no wrong." "America is the greatest force for good in the world." Lies, lies, lies, lies, all lies. You and your children have long been deluded by the arbiter of the State educational system and your own sick capacity of human nature to believe what are obvious falsehoods in order to conveniently ignore your disgusting culpability in the sordid operations of the system.

How is a country great when it ruthlessly bombs and destroys places in foreign parts indiscriminately, for no other reason that it simply can, "because we're superior"? How is a country great when it has squandered its moral, human, spiritual, and economic capital for the counterfeit benefit of a cheap thrill, a life made easy by subsidy, an existence centered on the constant pursuit of pleasure? How is a country great when it prattles away its productive economic backbone to foreign parts, to be replaced by a false economy of paper pushing and dickhead posturing? How is a country great when it is filled to the eyeballs by daily demonstrations of fraud, of deceit, of criminality, in a State-managed economy built upon treachery and lies, with the most fundamental lie at its center? How is a country great when half the population survives on some form of subsidy transfer payment, whether welfare, "disability", Social Security, or a check from government employment?

America is a wicked place, and deserves the whirlwind which it will gladly reap. America is sick and dying, long overdue to go the way of the Romans and Babylonians. The moral rot in this culture is comprehensive and complete. The present generation is too thoroughly deracinated and demoralized to be of much use in the coming cataclysm. It is pretty much fair to write them all off as obese, diabetic, ignorant morons incapable of real work or productive activity, who couldn't bother to support themselves through legal means to save their lives, such as they are schooled in the culture of ease, pleasure, subsidy, graft, and the unearned.

But for those of you who realize all these things - the few and the faithful - there is still time to act.

For those who have seen the America they knew destroyed by the mad scramble for economic entitlements and "rights", it is now time to act. The beast lays stricken under the assault of the spear that is reality returning to intrude on the fantasy world it had inhabited. Now it is up to us to complete the slaughter.

The people will begin to awake from their moral slumber. And as the dictates of economic realities begin to make themselves felt, the behavior of the masses will be forced to change by dint of adaptation. And when they arise from their moral and intellectual comatose state, we will be at the ready to educate, to inform, to point out their wicked ways and administer the cure.

And that is, as always, freedom and liberty.

The comatose sheeple in the heartland have known State dominance for so long that they have been reduced to the status of helpless feral children, waiting like plaintative animals for the latest pronouncements from their masters and overlords, desperate for their almighty Leaders to save them from their most terrible fear - economic desolation. For their moral goal is satiation, for their moral ideal is excess. In the coming year, it will be increasingly difficult to sustain this situation.

When the day comes when they will be forced to deal with capricious fate all on their own, the animals among them will drop like flies, leaving the remnant chaff to sustain and rebuild what is left of our civilization.

The age of economic dictators and moral midgetry will indeed pass. For every house of cards, every moral Ponzi scheme collapses by the laws of physics under its own weight. The open question remains: whether our society will find anything worth reclaiming from this closing age of madness, or whether we will permit ourselves to be swallowed up in the maelstrom along with the remnants of the declining thugocracy that rules over us.

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