03 January 2009

Jungle drums

Whatever happpened to popular music?

Once a pleasure and a joy to millions, it now generates guttural anti-rhythms such as would be worthy of animals. From messages of love and affection it now throws out every foul epithet and curse word in the book in an effort to be 'real' and cross boundaries.

All youth have a tendency to shock their parents with the counterculture they create. But for this last generation, there are no limits - nothing is out of bounds. What will shock these youth when they, too, become parents? Perhaps by then, the thug fantasies of so called 'hip hop' will be legalized and random killings will become the fashionable norm.

When social interactions have been reduced to the level of a Mexican standoff - that is, thugs with guns - then something is seriously wrong with society and culture.

The ghetto ethos of murder or be murdered has escaped the mean streets and now runs wild in this culture like a fatal infection, an infestation of the most profoundly anti-moral and anti-civilized ideas and thug fantasies that could ever be conjured by what was once a functioning society.

The animal like bleatings of the popular 'artists' (and I use that term loosely) to-day are the classic canary in the coal mine, the obvious signposts of disease and moral decay in our nation that, if left unchecked, threaten to swallow us whole.

This is the age of the thug. Beware.

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