12 January 2009

Random notes

Here are some things which deluded people purchase that make no sense to working folks who attempt to live modestly and set an example for their children:

$400 pair of jeans from Hollister: as if the $20 pair from Target (they're 'trendy', too, if I remember right) wasn't suitable enough?

Luxury car: When all one needs in a vehicle is basic transportation!

Liquor: I have no idea what people see in drink

Brooks Brothers suit: Unless you are a Wall Street dickhead, has no practical use

$3,000 60" plasma television: Isn't a 17" screen sufficient? It's always been more than enough for most folks!

Electric car: Requires the same amount of energy to power as a petrol-fueled vehicle, but can only be replenished when near a certain type of electrical outlet. Not too many of those out there on the highway...Guess this is only good if you consider carbon dioxide to be a "dangerous pollutant" like a certain future Leader believes...


More cool soap themes have been discovered!

I have largely neglected NBC daytime soaps in the past due to the belief that NBC never really produced anything of quality in daytime. (Certainly this is true to-day.) However, times are changing, and so can opinions. 

The long running, since departed soap Another World, for instance, had an interesting opening sequence and entrance music.

But lo! one better! Another World's spinoff soap Somerset (b. 1970-d. 1976) had its own set of musical wonders to behold. (When you choose the link, select "Themes" from the menu on the left.)

Interestingly, the Master himself, Henry Slesar, was headwriter for Somerset for a number of years. Not surprising, as P&G produced all these programs. 

In that matter, Somerset as a place was actually mentioned on Edge of Night in 1969 or so. So what can we infer from that??

Somerset and Edge share a universe; thereby Another World falls within the Edge universe, thereby so does As the World Turns due to crossover storylines, and then follows all the other P&G soaps that have crossed over therein over the years.

Conclusion: The soap world is smaller than we thought!

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