12 January 2009

Bombs away

In about a week's time the Divine Thugocrat will undergo the sealing and anointing of ointments and oils and will assume his immortal place in the temple of the Leaders.

Meanwhile the mortar shells of public idiocy continue to fly over our heads and wreak havor on the pillars of civilized society. The Keynesian redistribution of wealth to those who clamor the loudest for subsidy and unearned benefit is operating full bore, as Our Exhalted Leaders again pursue the course of greatest economic ignorance (for of course, amongst all men, politicians have the absolute least knowledge of real economics) and engage in a massive demonstration of destroying the village in order to save it.

The economic butchery that is Keynesianism can only lead to an extension of suffering as inefficiencies in the economy are artificially propped up by bailout fiesta funds so that the dickhead class and other parasite fellow travellers may sleep in (relative) peace at night. Of course the pain is redistributed on the backs of the working man, for which the hunt for decent paying work is seemingly a fruitless pursuit of a species going rapidly extinct.

As dollars are siphoned to Corporate Amerika, overpaid corn-fed unionized auto workers, "credentialed" white collar paper pushers, and other parasites, dollars are removed from the productive economy, draining the economic engines that generate jobs, real wealth, and rising living standards for all.

The government produces no wealth of its own, extracting all of its financial "resources" via legalized extortion (taxation) and the printing press. So all bailouts accomplish is removing good money from the economy and pouring it down the proverbial black hole, propping up failing zombie firms in a mindless dash to sustain the unsustainable status quo for those who matter to those in power.

And they call this a free market economy.

Not to mention the unsustainable public debt that arises from all this. Enshrined by his divine Maker with the light of economic brilliance, B.O. calls for trillion dollar deficits until the cows come home. B.O. assumes his ordained role as the new FDR, the new purveyor of a life of ease made by State action, a soma-ruled existence of all play, no work, and removing the consequences of consuming the seed corn to some future generation.

Failure in the market is rapidly socialized as the market players which have failed refuse to own up to their mistakes, take it on the chin, and assume the losses. Again it speaks to the moral depravity in this country. Extracting something for nothing. Having no sense of dignity or responsibility for leaving the fruits of this nation in good working condition so that future generations may partake in its riches. Shirking responsibility for actions, particularly negative consequences. And most importantly, having all forgiven and the status quo restored despite epic failure on a massive scale. Because for god's sake, the privileged dickhead existence must be sustained at all costs!

But it cannot be sustained. Natural laws cannot be repealed. The laws of economics are as immutable as the laws of physics. The present course can only lead to disastrous calamity.

The morality of the sixties, of nihilism, of self-indulgence, has run its awful course. And it shall terminate, as I have always held, in a pile of corpses.

Such depravity always does. Bombs away.

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