03 December 2008

Tolerance schmolerance

It is stated that this allegedly enlightened age is a more tolerant and open era, free of the primitive divisions and petty hatred that have divided man from man throughout history.

No more exclusion based on race, gender, class, sexual preference (I refuse to justify such behavior by calling it "orientation"), religion, or national origin.

Is it true, what the court scribes of to-day say, that modern Amerika is the most open and tolerant society in history?

Maybe. But what intolerance has been removed, other forms have been established in their place.

Intolerance now has a different focus and target.

To-day it is hard work, effort, and moral scrupulousness that is frowned upon, the practicioners of clean and righteous living that are shunned by their social peers. Today, minute differences in everyday social behavior are enough to render one diagnosed with some mental "illness" and instantly deprived of one's freedom, all the while as actual psychopath criminals are permitted to roam the streets freely to prey upon innocents at will.

We tolerate much, too, for which our ancestors would flay us alive were they by some fluke of nature now sharing the earth with us. Moral profligacy, sexual license, active subsidy seeking, sloth and greed on an unparalleled scale, the dream of a free lunch - all tolerated quite freely to-day.

The parasitical thug life is elevated as the ideal; the productive life spent at careful and enriching hard work is shunned as some form of oddball alternative lifestyle.

Is this the tolerance for which our feeble democracy claims to be world known and renowned?

If so, it is no surprise that the rest of the world hates us.

It is far past time to abandon tolerance as the highest ideal in existence, and re-embrace the code of moral living with productive activity as the center of life.

Let there be more intolerance in the world, for once. A good deal of increased intolerance toward those terrible forces which wreak havoc upon our tattered and frayed social fabric would work wonders for the moral fiber of the nation.

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