05 December 2008

Staring at death's door

The economic news continues to play out in grim fashion. Productive activity is shriveling right and left as economic contraction strands millions high and dry, blocked from the ability to sustain themselves and facing certain starvation.

Now the dickhead class is feeling the pinch. Uh oh.

No income, no cash, no food, no ability to survive. Death comes after two or so weeks without nourishment.

So what for a dickhead to do with no job, no income, no hope?

Consider this: if you are a certified dickhead and you have been laid off, it is likely because a) you were a poor worker, b) your job produced nothing of value, c) you made a bad choice and took employment with a marginal or otherwise failing firm which has now disappeared, d) your type of work has been made redundant by easily followed trends such as technology advancements and/or macroeconomic forces such as outsourcing, or e) some or all of the above.

So a good part of this is actually your own fault. Blame Bush and the state of the economy all you want, but even with all his faults the reality is your fate is in your own hands. You blew it.

Not to mention that you probably have a good tens of thousands in debts to boot. Credit cards, student loans, auto loans, mortgages - yeah, you lived high on the hog, beyond your means, while you coasted, thinking that tomorrow would never come. Guess what, it's now tomorrow.

So if you starve to death in the coming lean times, I can't say I have much sympathy for you. So sorry.

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