07 December 2008

So long, Dollar Bill

So when was the last time the city of New Orleans was represented in Congress by a Republican?

That incongruous sight is now reality as William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson, scion of a political family for which subsidy is a way of life, corruption magnate extraordinare, has been defeated in his efforts for a tenth turn at the public trough.

While it is always refreshing to see a new face, representative of the diverse demography of this proud state, in the political arena, the story here is again poetic justice per the loser in this affair.

Again subsidy seekers and moral midgets have attempted to put the wool over the eyes of the people. And again, they were shown up.

It was said that Jefferson's supporters are still out there, but failed to turn up at the polls, because it was assumed that he had already been re-elected by winning the Democratic primary last month.

Guess the assumption that there were very few people out there who actually cared failed to work its magic this time.

It is true that Mr. Cao may not have a long career in Congress, as certainly some enterprising Black Democrat will be sure to unseat him two years hence. The politicial demography of the 2nd Congressional District has not altered that substantially.

But at least another embarassment has been turned out on his head. Adios, Dollar Bill.

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