05 November 2008


The media wax poetic as the first son of Africa assumes the highest office in the land, with Loco Biden's pronouncement of "storybook, man" the cry of the day.

America pats itself on the back, the long sought elusive post-racial nirvana allegedly achieved.

But lo! they have stabbed themselves in the very same back.

The junglefication of America took a gigantic leap forward yesterday, and not just in the choice of dictator in chief.

On all levels, old and rotted forces fell to the onslaught of the feral incompetents, represented well in both parties. The outstretched hands of need managed to politically outbid the calloused hands of productive labor.

In this very city, an extreme injustice was perpetuated as a dedicated and responsible Councilwoman was defeated by a "community organizer" (sound familiar?).

I hate to make racial hay, but the plain fact is that many Blacks do not vote on the merits of the candidate. They vote for a candidate based on biological grounds. Such is the outcome of junglefied thinking.

If the candidate's skin is dark, he has their vote no matter how terrible his policies are. (Kwame, Ray Ray, Eric J., are you listening?)

Don't believe me? Look at these numbers, and in particular this figure:

"95 per cent of black voters chose Mr Obama"

What does that tell you?

The thinking is, with one of "our people" in office, the Blacks can ride the subsidy gravy train to all eternity. And from the history of Black public executives, this assessment looks to be pretty much true.

The South Side of Chicago, Obama's home turf, is a basketcase. Remember that the next time you are preoccupied with worship of the Anointed One.

Chicago politics is coming to the White House now. The Daley machine, already influential in the picking of Congressmen, Senators, and Governors of Illinois, has picked its greatest plum.

(But nothing beats Chicago city councilman when the topic of graft is aroused. I guess that's Obama's post-presidential "legacy.")

It is just one large step toward junglefication. The welfare class (White, Black, and tan) is in hog heaven now. Obama must now deliver on his pseudo-Keynesian promises to turn stones into bread if he values his political survival. And he will do so.

Which means what is left of our economy and our freedoms will be shredded to tatters, and thrown out like yesterday's trash.

The pundits and talking drones cry hosanna that the long hoped Black Messiah has come to save them from the clutches of That Other Party. (Concerning the media: To paraphrase an old NBC slogan, their partisanship is showing.) And so they conspire in the final destruction of their country after eight years of already intolerable dessication, so that the dream of the socialist revolution and the New Order that was long ago foretold shall come to pass.

None dare call it treason.

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