05 November 2008

Dickheads ascendant

We now turn from the national scene with its piles of smoldering bodies to the local political climate. The 12 seats of the city-parish legislature were up for grabs, with most of these races absent an incumbent due to term limits. Many vied for these positions, but only twelve have been chosen, of which only two served during the outgoing council term. And now the ballots are in, and it is official...

This incoming Council is probably the sorriest collection of dickheads, motley fools, subsidy grubbers, and protectors of privilege that has ever been assembled in this parish in the public sphere.

All stand for the system - transfers of wealth to the incompetent, defenders of elite dickhead privilege, centralized State "planning" for the "public welfare", promoters of the expansive State and all its dark works.

One par-ticular incoming Councilperson, whom shall remain nameless to protect the messenger, is egregiously odious in this regard. Originating from a wealthy background of privilege and power, her lifelong bent toward "planning" and a world made by elites augurs my especial ire. For those who presume they know how to live our lives and build our environments better than we the people do, there is a special place in the bowels of Hell.

Let us hope that the people rise up and make their voices heard, or the representatives of the dickheadery and the welfare class which will take office in January are sure to turn the machinery of government over to their preferred special interests to which they owe their political hides.

Oh, and da Mare was re-elected by acclamation with 71% of the vote. A Maximum Leader complex cannot be far behind.

Democracy is the god that failed miserably.

In all this bleak news, one hopeful sign: The $1 billion bond issue for which Hizzoner pushed so hard narrowly escaped passage, crashing and burning at the polls like the smoking turd it was.

The people have spoken. Deal with it.

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