27 October 2008

Death march

With only a handful of days remaining, Amerika walks lockstep to meet its maker as President Obama's assured coronation looms.

I would recommend, if you feel that you must vote for a major party candidate, to vote for McCain. Do not in any way, shape, or form construe this to be an endorsement of the senator from Arizona. McCain is more of the same - a neocon despoiler of freedom and supporter of the ruling class and all its dark works. Like every other politician on earth, he stands for whatever is required to obtain and keep office.

Yet for all these things, McCain is a known quantity. His personal and political background is public knowledge. I do not believe that he desires to destroy America. He cannot possibly do worse than Bush has accomplished.

But Obama is an unknown, with a vanishingly thin resume and a dark and foreboding background.

What does he truly believe? It would seem, from what is known, that his intent and aim is to remake the nation into a perversion of its already very perverted current state.

He hates freedom and all it stands for.

He hates what made America great.

He is a moral nihilist and a intellectual midget.

He associates with known terrorists.

He is a charismatic charlatan who can charm and guile millions with empty and vacuous rhetoric. Shades of Hitler there.

His aim and intent is total socialism - raising the weak and consumptive above the strong and productive, the triumph of color for color's sake, the end of earning a position by one's own merits and abilities.

An Obama administration would mean the death of productive America. The nation would take the final plunge into a total subsidy state where everyone lives off of everyone else.

My real fear, above all, is that Obama is a Manchurian candidate. His middle name is Hussein, after all. As a child (age 6-10, formative years for a person) he was educated in an Indonesian madrassah.

We are wise to the terrorists' game when it comes to blowing up buildings and bombing trains and airplanes. But what if the greatest threat to the Republic happened to be from within???

And the country chants in unison that this man is the greatest Leader to cometh since JFK.

God save us all.

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